Great Ways to Relax This Bank Holiday Weekend

Who doesn’t look forward to a long weekend? There’s no doubt that whenever a bank holiday approaches, a welcome wave of calmness will tend to wash over you. Especially on a Friday when you realise you’ve got 3 whole days without work ahead.

A hectic working week can really play havoc with your sleeping pattern, leaving you lethargic and constantly looking forward to the weekend. This is why a bank holiday is a great opportunity to get back some well earned relaxation time. As well as snoozing on a supportive mattress, there’s also plenty of other ways to relax on a bank holiday, and we’ve got some great examples right here…

Swap out those screens


It’s tempting to binge on some box sets and get back to endlessly scrolling on your phone, but if you really want to help yourself relax, then switching those screens off is the way to go. The blue light that emits from devices, like your TV, can actually be detrimental to your sleeping pattern.

Making sure that you’re not exposed to the blue light during your bank holiday evenings, will really help you drift off easier. Swap out that TV show for a new bestselling page-turner instead, and get the quality sleep you deserve afterwards.

Be more active

bike ride

Having an extra day or two off with a bank holiday is the perfect time to get back into an exercise routine, especially if the weather’s nice and sunny. Consider getting active outdoors, either by going for a run or even doing some cycling.

Aerobic exercise is one of the best things you can do to relieve stress from your body and mind. Plus it can encourage your body’s anti-anxiety responses, such as the release of endorphins. These natural chemicals trigger a positive feeling in the body, which helps you along your journey to some good quality slumber.

Cut the alcohol out


Even though having a night out is expected on a bank holiday, if you want to make sure your body is getting the rest and relaxation it really needs, you need to ban the booze. Alcohol can be extremely disruptive to your REM sleep, leaving you drowsy and unable to concentrate the next day.

Get the right mattress

If you really want to get the most serene night’s sleep over the bank holiday weekend, then investing in a precisely tailored, high quality and supportive mattress is the way to go. Your mattress of course plays a pivotal role in getting a peaceful sleep, so why settle for something that isn’t fit for purpose?

To make the most out of your bank holiday rest time, choose a supportive, breathable mattress that’s perfectly tailored to your bodyweight with us, at John Ryan. If your mattress is showing any tell tale signs that you need a new one, then there’s no time like the present!

artisan bespoke 003 mattress

Our expert team can guide you every step of the way towards finding the right mattress for you. Whether you’re looking for a temperature regulating Artisan Bespoke 003, or you’re after a more traditionally supportive Origins Pocket Latex 1500; we’ll help you find the mattress that meets your needs. You’ll wake up feeling so rested and refreshed, you’ll feel as though every day is a bank holiday weekend!

So please get in touch with us for a chat today.