December 2018

How to Make Get The Most Out of Your Small Bedroom Space

We all want the ideal bedroom, which comes with plenty of lofty space and ample room to fit in the perfect Luxury Mattress, leaving you to relax and sleep soundly. However, most of us make do with a somewhat smaller bedroom space that can often feel cramped, especially when clutter and clothes build up.

Don’t worry though, there are ways to transform a small room into a more spacious feeling den of tranquility, with the right amount of careful consideration and planning. At John Ryan, we’re all about the details the really matter, and we’ve got a few ideas to help you revitalise, refresh and make the most out of your bedroom space…

Cut out the clutter

small bedroom

The biggest thing you can do to get a small bedroom looking a lot more spacious, is to start reducing all the clutter. Consider getting rid of anything that doesn’t serve a practical purpose. Keep your clothes and shoes stored away, and any accessories neatly arranged. Less mess will really maximise your bedroom space, and remember to stick to only having essential furniture in the room if possible. If you must have a table and chair in the room, get them to blend in with the other furnishings, to create a sense of openness.

Create the illusion of space

The style of your bedroom can help improve your sleep quality, and it can also add to the illusion of space. There are a number of style choices you can make to really enhance how big a small bedroom feels, including:

  • Using vertically-striped wallpaper to give the room a sense of height. You could also use a striped rug to make the room appear as though it’s receding backwards.
  • Painting everything, from the walls to the ceiling and floors in a similar tone. This will help blur the boundaries of the space.
  • Using lighter paint colours can certainly help, but white isn’t always the best option. Try using calming blues or greens to make it look and feel bigger.
  • Hanging up just one art piece, instead of multiple pieces, in a prominent position will draw the eye to a single focal point in the room.
  • Making use of a decorative mirror to trick the eye into thinking there’s even more space. A large enough mirror can even give the effect of a second room.
  • Using fitted furniture can help you ensure every square inch of your room is being put to good use. Floor space will be freed up and the clean lines of fitted furniture can create the illusion that they’re disappearing into the space.
  • Hanging curtains all the way from floor to ceiling, and making sure they’re a similar tone to your walls will help them blend into the overall space.
  • Put up sleek blinds, or even shutters, if you’re not that bothered about having curtains. These will be less bulky and take up less space, creating a more clean, spacious look.

Be smart with your bed base for more space

Your bed will of course be the largest item of furniture in your bedroom, taking up the biggest amount of floor space. Choosing a bed base designed for storage will really help you to make use of the wasted area underneath your mattress, and free up more space in the rest of the room.

contemporary platform divan bed

At John Ryan, many of the bed bases in our Luxury Bases collection are tailored to give you the maximum amount of storage to your sleep space. Our Contemporary Platform Divan offers a finely crafted solid timber frame, which has built in draws that are able to be tailored depending on whether or not you’re using a bedside table.

Our handmade Ottoman Base has been perfectly designed to provide as much storage space as possible. The base itself uses high-quality gas struts, which allow the entire mattress to be lifted up so that you can use the significant storage space underneath. This bespoke front lift construction method, means lifting the mattress couldn’t be easier, and it also adds to the longevity of the base itself.John Ryan Ottoman base in charcoal bracken

A bed base with built in draws or a lift up mechanism can really help you to clear clutter and store things in the bedroom without sacrificing any valuable space, or style.

Finally, a Zip and Link mattress may also be ideal for those with small apartments or a home with narrow stairwells.

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