December 2018

The Reasons Why Better Sleep Can Lead to a Better Career

There are many benefits to getting a great night’s sleep on a regular basis, especially when it’s on a comforting and supportive mattress. Not only can good slumber improve both your physical and mental health, it can also enhance your workplace performance.

At John Ryan, we’re passionate about the science of sleep, and we used that same passion, dedication and experience to create the ultimate sleep experience with our revolutionary John Ryan Legacy Mattress. We also know that consistently getting proper sleep helps you to function and be at your best throughout the day. So it stands to reason that it can also help to better your career. And here are the reasons why…

Better sleep reduces stress

We all suffer from stress from time to time, but sometimes this can be on a daily basis, especially when work related tasks build up things we start to get overwhelmed. If chronic stress is stopping you from getting on with things at work, then getting a good night’s sleep can actually keep stress levels to a minimum.

There is a strong link between the amount of quality sleep we get and the amount of stress we feel when we don’t sleep enough. When you get plenty of sleep, the level of hormones that cause stressful emotions are reduced. This leads to you waking up feeling more refreshed, more calm, and ready to take on the tasks of the day. With reduced feelings of stress, you’ll be able to think more clearly at work and cope much more effectively under pressure.

Proper rest increases productivity

increased productivity

It’s true that getting more sleep won’t give you more hours to get stuff done or magically make the day longer. However, ensuring that you get the proper amount of rest that your body needs will significantly impact your daily productivity. Those who suffer from a lack of sleep, tend to find it more difficult to avoid getting distracted at work, and struggle to re-focus on the task at hand.

You may find that distractions at work often stop you from getting jobs done. If this is the case, change your sleeping habits so that you’re well rested each day. This will ensure that you can re-focus on any task quickly and effectively, even when you’re briefly distracted. Plus, getting more sleep can make your memory sharper, allowing you to pick up new skills and grasp important details easier.

Plenty of shut eye cultivates creativity

You might not even consider your job to be in a creative field, but most jobs do actually require a certain level of creativity, especially when it comes to problem solving and being able to think on your feet. Coming up with innovative ideas and solutions to problems can help bolster your career, and getting a proper amount of sleep can certainly give your creativity a boost.

Quality sleep fuels creativity, whether you’re verbally, visually creative, or a both, you’ll soon see the difference enjoying a soothing night’s sleep can make to your creativity in the workplace. Practice some sleep inducing techniques as these can really help to quieten down your mind, allowing you to wake up ready for your creativity to flourish.

More sleep creates more confidence

increased confidence

The more confident you feel the better you’ll perform at work. Confidence can really make a difference when it comes to your job performance, and getting the right amount of sleep can help to give your confidence the boost it needs.

If you deprive yourself of sleep on a regular basis, then your body will likely start to crave more calories, which could lead to weight gain. Those who make sure that they’re consistently well rested are able to maintain a healthy weight easier. Also, sleeping well helps improve how fresh your skin looks, leaving you looking better and feeling more confident.

Improved sleep means a much healthier lifestyle

Last but by no means least, the amount of sleep you get each day will of course have a huge impact on your overall health and wellbeing. It can be incredibly difficult to get on at work when you constantly feel ill, weak and rundown. A lack of sleep can certainly lead to a weakened immune system over time, and can even increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, joint pain, and a number of other health issues.

As well as plenty of sleep, it’s important to start exercising regularly, as this can help to maintain your energy levels, improve your mood and keep your body alert throughout the day. Balancing a regular exercise routine with a good diet of fresh nutritious food, and plenty of quality sleep, will go a long way to reducing feelings of fatigue. By taking sleep seriously, you’ll give yourself the perfect platform to take your career to the next level.

Artisan bespoke 003 luxury mattress

At John Ryan, we know that you deserve a wonderfully soothing, supportive and comforting night’s sleep each and every day, to give your career and your healthy lifestyle a boost. You can achieve this with our Luxury pocket sprung mattresses, as each one is crafted with care and can be tailored to suit you.

If you have any questions, simply get in touch with us for a chat today.

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