July 2019

Which John Ryan Mattress Suits Your Dog’s Personality?

Who doesn’t love a dog? It’s like saying, who doesn’t love the warm and fuzzy feeling of sinking into a comforting and supportive Luxury Mattress? Because just like a good quality mattress, our canine companions can put an instant smile on our faces. Making us feel calmer, more relaxed and increasing the feel-good chemicals in our brains.

Whether they’re constantly staring at you doe-eyed, licking your face off, barking at the postman, or jumping up at you as soon as you walk in the door – our dog’s little personality traits are always endearing. They each have their quirky foibles, eccentricities, and distinct personal preferences – especially when it comes to sleeping arrangements. 

At John Ryan, we know how important it is that a mattress is tailored specifically to your individual needs, in order to give you the best night’s sleep. However, our four-legged friends can’t exactly verbalise their preferences. So, since dogs spend almost half their lives sleeping, we wanted to explore which one of our mattresses would suit their personalities and preferences.

In order to find which mattresses would be best, we’ve focused on some of the pooches with the biggest personalities…

Great dane

great dane

Artisan Bespoke

Great Danes are lovable gentle giants who need something that can properly support their joints, and that can also withstand their high energy levels – as they tend to jump about with excitement, even with their large frame. 

Artisan Bespoke Mattress

Our Artisan Bespoke would be ideal for these big, powerful, yet elegant dogs. This mattress is filled with 100% natural fibre fillings, which combine with tailored calico pocket springs to provide the ultimate firm support. 


Fusion 3

Sticking with the bigger breeds, Newfoundlands are strong, large loveable giants that were originally bred as working dogs, and used for hauling wood and pulling fishermen nets. 

fusion 3 mattress

These sweet natured “pack horse” dogs need firm, strong support that can caress and cushion their joints – this is why our Fusion 3 would be ideal for them. This highly responsive and breathable 100% natural latex mattress, has been designed to provide progressive firm support. 

Saint Bernard

saint bernard

Artisan Bespoke 003

Saint Bernard dogs were originally used to guard places, as well as find and help lost and injured travellers. These loving, gentle but large and powerful dogs need the biggest size bed to accommodate their size. As a breed that suffers in hot weather, they will also need a cool sleep surface. 

Artisan bespoke mattress

Thankfully, our Artisan Bespoke 003 can perfectly accommodate these sizable dogs. It’s one of our finest natural models, which perfectly combines dual layers of calico springs with breathable fibres. Providing a supportive, comforting and cool sleep surface, which can regulate body temperature.



Artisan 1500

There’s a good reason why Labs are one of the most popular dog breeds, as they were literally bred to be both a friendly companion and a useful working dog. Today’s Labradors are just as good-natured as their ancestors, and love to curl up and relax in a comfortable pace. However, they’ll still need plenty of support to cushion their heavier joints. 

artisan 1500

Our Artisan 1500 is the mattress we stake our reputation on, as it’s unbeatable in terms of components and price. Labs would love this natural and man made fibre mattress, as it offers exceptional levels of comfort and support.


border collie

Artisan Luxury

Collies are known for their high energy and love of exercise, but they also love to snooze too! These sensitive and intelligent dogs really like to be pampered, so it makes sense to pair with them with our Artisan Luxury.

artisan luxury

As the name suggests, this mattress is one of the most luxurious in our range, and can easily provide a hard-working Collie with the comfort it deserves. It would be ideal at the end of a hard day, to sink into a soft and sumptuous mattress like the Artisan Luxury, with its soft tension and sumptuous layers of 100% natural fibres. 



Origins Pocket 1500

These energetic and sleek spotted dogs are widely known thanks to the 101 Dalmatians film, and they are just as charming in real life. They love to play and can literally run for miles, so it’s important that they have somewhere to relax after all that exercise. 

origins 1500

Our Origins Pocket 1500 is our best value and most popular product that combines man-made and natural fibres. It’s been designed to provide a soothing sleep experience thanks to the layers of luxurious fillings and the 1500 pocket-spring unit. Making it ideal for a tired Dalmation to drift off. 

English Bulldog

Artisan Bespoke 004

Bulldogs are a classic breed, with a muscular, hefty build and that lovably distinctive wrinkled face. They are super laid back but do have a tendency to overheat, yet their short coat means they chill easily in colder temperatures. 

artisan bespoke 004

Our Artisan Bespoke 004 can help keep them nice and cool in the hot summer days, but also warm in the winter too, with a 100% natural fibres. The mattress utilises vanadium coated pocket springs, for a truly tailored sleep experience, and also includes an additional layer of breathable bamboo.

Standard Poodle


Artisan Sublime

Often winners of best in show, Poodles certainly are energetic athletes that exude elegance. These dogs move with a light, springy gait, and have a high amount of agility when it comes to going under, over and through various obstacles. But they also love a little bit of luxury as well.

artisan sublime mattress

This is why our Artisan Sublime, with its sumptuous layers of natural organic plant fibres, and supportive vanadium coated calico springs, would be perfect for a pampered Poodle. 

King Charles Spaniel

King Charles Spaniel

Artisan Luxury

These beautiful little dogs make wonderful companions. They certainly have a sporty side to them, and can be just as athletic as any sporting breed. But King Charles Spaniels also adore comfort, cuddling in laps and snuggling up in a soft bed.

artisan luxury

That’s why our softest most sumptuous mattress, the Artisan Luxury, would be perfectly suitable for these spaniels to get cosy on. 



Artisan 1500

These charming little dogs may be small, but they have big personalities. They’re agile, fun and energetic. However, their tiny size can mean that they feel the cold a lot more, which is why they tend to love keeping themselves warm and cosy by burrowing under a blanket.

artisan 1500

Luckily, our Artisan 1500 comes with an insulating layer of Cashmere (at 1200 GSM), which will provide plenty of warmth and luxurious comfort. 



The Legacy

Corgis are active, intelligent, easy to train and always eager to learn. They have also become somewhat synonymous with royalty, since the Queen has owned over 30 of them since being given one for her 18th birthday. It makes sense then that these royal dogs would be well suited to the queen of all beds… the John Ryan Legacy.

Joh Ryan Legacy mattress

The Legacy truly encompasses the best of British heritage handcrafting and the finest, 100% traceable, chemical-free natural fibres. All of which has been skilfully brought together to create the ultimate sleep experience. It’s a bed fit for a queen, and certainly suitable for some lovable canine royalty.

It sure would be nice to always go through life as relaxed and completely carefree as a dog. Well, with our Luxury Mattresses you can attain that feeling every single night; as you gently drift off into a soothing slumber, and wake up feeling fully refreshed. 

Please get in touch with us for a chat today for more information.

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