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Main banner heading (.introduction)

Brand color heading (.heading--brand-color / *--brand-color)


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The main CTA (.cta--hero)

John Ryan the most trusted bed retailer

Find out why

Primary CTAs (.cta--primary)

A primary CTA can have a background color or a background image

Mattresses (.cta--primary__description)


Testimonial boxes

Neil Diamond

X star rating

I have joint and muscular problems and so we decided to buy a new mattress. I am so glad we did, it took no time at all to get used to it, in fact we both sleep so much better and definitely have much less pain on rising. The service was very good and although we had to wait a little while, it was worth it. Couriers helpful, and managed to bring the delivery forward a week as we had no mattress other than a spare which is not the most comfortable. We have recommended to relatives who will be purchasing one soon. Great company.

Book boxes (.book)


Choosing a mattress

Choosing a mattress

Choosing a mattress

Choosing a mattress

Standard boxes (.box)

A standard box

Thin boxes (.box--thin)

A thin box

Extra thin boxes (.box--x-thin)

An extra thin box