Artisan Tailored Pocket 2000 Outlet

Utilizing two tiers of pocket springs and including 85% natural comfort fillings makes this model rival mattresses at twice its price. Available in tailored tensions to suit each sleeper.

2000Pocket Springs
85%Natural Fibre
7 YearGuarantee


This model is quite simply based on our Artisan Naturals. In order to keep the majority of natural fillings, we could only compromise on the spring unit. In this case we use an above average spunbond encased premium pocket spring unit over two tiers, coupled with the benefit of having a choice of three spring tensions to suit of Soft, Medium or Firm.

Even though The Artisan Naturals is superbly priced (and of course unbeatable for quality and price ) it did fall outside many peoples budget. This Tailored Pocket model becomes the next best option.


(2000 Kingsize) The spring unit used in this particular mattress is comprised of a double tier unit. This makes the support relatively forgiving and can be made to suit your individual bodyweights exactly.

These 2000 pocket springs are able to offer all the support you will need. The fillings will be able to offer you all the comfort. By adjusting the tension of the spring used it is easily adaptable to suit the majority of all bodyweights.

Normally, with a standard 2000 pocket sprung unit the overall tension could be rather too supportive particularly for people of a lighter bodyweight. With these available options a good match of support and comfort can easily be obtained.

Detailing & Fabrics

This mattress is covered in our white woven 100% Viscose with subtle John Ryan design.
This mattress is hand side stitched with 2 rows.

Upholstery Layers & Comparison

First Layer: 1200 GSM Blended British Fleece Wool and Cotton.
This is similar / same as the primary layer as used on many Vi Spring models where they utilise a blended wool and cotton layer [although their breakdown is never divulged – ours is a 50/50 mix] This is a premium comfort component and also used on our Artisan Luxury and Artisan Bespoke models.

Second Layer: Hairproof Cambric Cover

Third Layer: 1250 gsm: Poly Cotton:
50% Cotton blended with 50% polyester to obtain a good level of comfort and support. Extremely high recovery property.This is the only polyester element (Just 625 gsm) used in the comfort layers.

Fourth Layer: 1500 gsm Pure 100% Mohair:
Superb and premium foundation for the forthcoming comfort layers. Mohair comes secondary to Horsehair as a component that will [almost] never lose its rebound quality. Knowing this assures you that you will never feel the springs poking you in the back.

This mattress is covered in our white woven 100% Viscose with subtle John Ryan design.
This mattress is hand side stitched with 2 rows

 John Ryan By Design Artisan Tailored Pocket
Total GSM3950gsm
11200gsm Blended British Fleece Wool and Cotton.
2Hairproof Cambric Cover
31250gsm Poly Cotton
41500gsm Pure 100% Mohair
52000 Double Tier Spun Bond Pocket Springs (Soft/Med or Firm)

How it will feel

We can also accommodate people of differing bodyweights. In this instance we can have your mattress made with Dual Tension springs e.g: Half the mattress with soft tension springs and half the mattress with medium tension springs. Likewise, Half Medium and Half Firm.

We are also able to offer Soft, Medium or Firm springs dependent on your weight requirements.

BodyweightSpring tension
Upto 8 Stone / 50kgSoft
8-16 Stone / 50-101kgMedium
16 Stone / 101kg UpwardsFirm


It is common sense that if your budget cannot stretch to the likes of The Artisan Naturals then some sort of compromise has to be made. In this case we compromised on the spring unit. Calico encased hand formed springs are phenomenally expensive simply because they are the best type of pocket springs available.

So this Artisan Tailored Pocket 2000 becomes the next best option. Doing a quick price comparison on all the prominent mattress websites will show you quite quickly what you are able to get for this particular price range and equally as quickly you will soon realise it will not be very much.

The quality of upholstery used is the key to this particular model. A total of 3950 GSM is no lightweight mattress. The blended wool and cotton we use as our primary comfort layer is the same / similar to the blended wool and cotton used on many Vi Spring mattresses. Testament to the quality of this one individual component alone. The Mohair layer at 1500 gsm is also a premium product that you would not normally expect to find included in a mattress at this price.


Our team will be able to guide you to the right product for you and your budget. We grade the products in our warehouse and the grading is decided based on the condition of the product upon return. Most mattresses are Grade B or C. At this stage we cannot give you the history of each product or the very specifics of where any marks may be located so, if this is important for you to know then a clearance bed may not be for you and you can choose your mattress in the normal way. We do however guarantee that the condition will be no worse that described below and in most cases is actually better!

Grade Discount Description
B10% DISCOUNTProduct returned within 60 days and may have a small mark or scuff through transit.
C20% DISCOUNTProduct returned within 60 days and has one or more areas of marks through transit but no tears
D30% DISCOUNTProduct returned within 60 days and has a few marks and one small tear through transit.
E40% DISCOUNTProduct returned within 60 days and has several marks and up to one small tear through transit.
F50% DISCOUNTProduct returned within 60 days and has several marks and more than one tear.


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