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Origins Pocket 1500

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This is our best-selling Origins mattress. The 1500 springs provide a medium support that suits the broadest range of people. The comfort layers are arranged to provide a medium support enhanced by the wool comfort layer. If you like a medium support from a mattress then this is the one to go for.
GSM: 1550
Pocket Springs: 1500
Guarantee: 5 Year

The firmness of the mattress you desire is determined by a few factors. Your weight and height, and the mattress of your choice. The upholstery layers are the very top comfort layers and give different degrees of firmness alongside the spring unit. The higher up in the list the mattress is, the firmer it will be in the top upholstery layers. The lower down the list, the softer the initial upholstery layers will feel.

The Origins 1500 is our most popular model in the range. Giving a true Medium feel, this two-sided model simply can’t be beaten by our competitor’s offerings.

First Layer: 300 gsm Wool: This component is blended with (nominal amount) silk to give the primary layer beneath the fabric a gloriously soft cushion.

Second Layer: 750GSM Very soft Polyester: This coupled with the layers below brings the level of upholstery quite high. However, when compressed through tufting gives these layers a medium comfort but also has sufficient support by use of the springs.

Third Layer: 500GSM Polyester: This is the cushioning layer that acts as the dampener between the insulator layer below and the soft polyester that will follow.

Fourth Layer: One-inch foam insulator: Directly on top of the spring unit we use a one-inch layer of HD foam. This cushions you from the spring unit but also works with you enabling the pocket springs to rise and fall as you move.

The stretch knit mattress side panels are machine stitched. Traditionally hand-tufted. Even though the mattress side panels are 9″ deep, the undulations caused by the abundant upholstery brings the mattress depth to a more realistic 13″.

Construction and upholstery layers of the Origins Pocket 1500 mattress
Construction and upholstery layers of the Origins Pocket 1500 mattress
Origins Pocket 1500 Mattress
Rated Excellent Trustpilot
How it will feel

The Origins Pocket 1500 is our best selling mattress. Offering a quality 1500 pocket-spring unit and layers of fillings for a medium overall feeling. Unbeatable when compared on price and components with other bed retailers.

Your Bodyweight It will feel
UNDER 10 STONE / 63KG Medium
10-12 STONE / 63-76KG Medium
12-14 STONE / 76-88KG Medium
14-16 STONE / 88-101KG Medium
16-18 STONE / 101-114KG Soft/Medium
18 STONE / 114KG PLUS Please call for advice
How it will feel

The Origins Pocket 1500 is a substantial well built and well filled and ultimately a well-priced mattress. There really isn’t much out there that can be deemed a good comparison for this price.

The side panels may be machine side stitched but the price absolutely justifies this. Although, classed as a 9″ mattress (the depth of the side panels) the number of fillings contained make the surfaces protrude so when hand-tufted creates a sumptuously deep mattress bringing the overall depth to a more realistic 13″.

All in all, this is a thoughtfully conceived mattress. Every component used works together to create an outstanding mattress for the money. Bear in mind when doing comparisons, that this is a full double-sided mattress – not one-sided.

Rated Excellent Trustpilot

124 reviews for Origins Pocket 1500

  1. Martyn

    Great mattress – my back thanks me
    Great product. Wish I had found them earlier – spent much time and money on inferior beds. Other firms seem to spend all their money on advertising and not on the actual product – the previous one I got was the Which best buy, thinking I could trust them, but oh no. Gawd knows how they rig the ratings, but they must do. My son recommended these to me – seems the only thing you can trust nowadays.
    The bed I have is the basic one – medium. It conforms well to my body shape (podgy, with wide shoulders). No more pain in the mornings (I have disc problems) and I sleep well.

  2. Ruth

    Amazing service and the best nights sleep
    Wonderful mattress and great communication from start to finish. We needed the new mattress in time for a family visit from the USA and they did everything to ensure we had it for this date. We had previously bought a mattress from them and wanted another one for our spare room, so we knew the quality and comfort we would get.

    We have recommended John Ryan mattresses to all our friends and family- we have the best best nights sleep ever!

    I highly recommend this company.

  3. Fergus

    Ace mattress
    Good service from start to finish, I spoke to staff about requirements. After returning 2x different mattresses from box companies since new year, was concerned about this one. I was wrong, the mattress is great, comfortable, cool and no complaints, from either of us. Perfect

  4. Steven

    Great mattress
    Great mattress, great customer service.
    Would highly recommend.

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