Resilience 1 Outlet

Our specially designed mattress for the heavier sleeper, or those that want much firmer support. Matched with a super responsive and soft comfort layer.

V39Medium Support Foam
V38Firm Support Foam
2 YearGuarantee

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Our Resilience 1 mattress for heavier sleepers has been designed to meet the needs of sleepers in the 18 stone-30 stone (114kg -190kg) weight range. The resilience provides not only support but comfort which the limited number of bariatric mattresses on the market fail to provide. The topper is made of 60kg responsive laygel; one of our hybrid foams.

At John Ryan By Design we understand that heavier sleepers need not only increased support but also a comfort layer that will ensure the best sleep position. We found that the majority of mattresses for heavier people or bariatric mattresses simply provided extra firm support with little thought given to the comfort and overall feel of the mattress.

Depths & Densities

This mattress comprises of:

– 7.5cm Laygel Removable Topper

– 5cm V39 Medium Support Foam

– 15cm V38 Firm Support Foam

– 5cm V39 Medium Support Foam

Total Depth 32.5cm

Please allow 3-5cm in addition for the depth of the quilted covers.

Upholstery & Comparison

The resilience uses our dual construction method and is a fully turnable mattress. The core provides the support and secondary comfort layers whilst the turnable removable topper provides the primary comfort layer.

– Core 15cm of V38 Blue firm support foam with 5cmV39 Peach reflex foam on each side of the support foam.

-Topper 7.5cm of Laygel Hybrid Foam to provide the softer top comfort layer.

 Resilience 1
Total Depth32.5cm + 3-5 cm for the quilted cover
CoverMicro-quilt John Ryan Cover with tape edged damask sides
17.5cm of 60kg Laygel Foam
25cm V39 Medium Support Foam
315cm of V38 Firm Support Foam
45cm V39 Medium Support Foam

How it will feel

The Resilience 1 Laygel Mattress is ideal for the heavier sleeper at 18 stone / 114kg upwards. This mattress not only provides a medium support but gives a softer comfort layer on top with the removable topper.

This is also suitable for those wanting an ultra firm mattress.

Your BodyweightThis will feel
Under 10 StoneUltra Firm
10-12 StoneUltra Firm
12-14 StoneUltra Firm
14-16 StoneFirm
16-18 StoneFirm
18 Stone PlusMedium to Firm


This is an excellent mattress for the larger or heavier sleeper. It provides not only support but comfort. Its a two sided mattress meaning you don’t have the draw back usually associated with foam mattresses. It also comes with a softer laygel deep topper to give added comfort for the larger sleeper.


Our team will be able to guide you to the right product for you and your budget. We grade the products in our warehouse and the grading is decided based on the condition of the product upon return. Most mattresses are Grade B or C. At this stage we cannot give you the history of each product or the very specifics of where any marks may be located so, if this is important for you to know then a clearance bed may not be for you and you can choose your mattress in the normal way. We do however guarantee that the condition will be no worse that described below and in most cases is actually better!

Grade Discount Description
B10% DISCOUNTProduct returned within 60 days and may have a small mark or scuff through transit.
C20% DISCOUNTProduct returned within 60 days and has one or more areas of marks through transit but no tears
D30% DISCOUNTProduct returned within 60 days and has a few marks and one small tear through transit.
E40% DISCOUNTProduct returned within 60 days and has several marks and up to one small tear through transit.
F50% DISCOUNTProduct returned within 60 days and has several marks and more than one tear.


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