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Nicole asked 11th January 2017

Our super king mattress was perfect when we bought it two years ago. We flip and rotate religiously – but there’s a dip in the middle now and roll into each other….
Is this a typical life expectancy of a mattress ? Is there anything we can do to save it ? As it is we can’t use it anymore and will need to buy a new mattress.

Many thanks
Nicole donne

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JohnRyanLtd 11th January 2017

Hi Nicole,
Thank you for your enquiry.
The first thing we need to say is that we are unable to provide any opinion as to longevity in respect of products not made by ourselves. From what you have said, it may be that the problem is with your base and not your mattress. If you have the mattress on a slatted (sprung or flat) base, there will be a central support bar, which over time can cause a mattress to either dip or bulge in the centre, in your case dip, which is causing the roll together.
When placing any mattress on such a slatted base, we always advocate placing some form of barrier, usually thin (3-5mm) MDF, over the slats to provide the mattress with a uniform surface upon which to sit and prevent ridging occurring as a result of the mattress dipping into the gaps between the slats. This will also eliminate the dipping over the central bar that you describe. 
It may also be worth contacting the retailer/manufacturer of your mattress to see if they have any suggestions. In the meantime, it would be worth trying what we have suggested as this is going to far less expensive than buying a new mattress. We trust that this helps, but if you have any further queries, please call our office on 0161 945 3757.
Kind regards.