22 stone chap which mattress is suitable?

Andy Miller asked 3rd September 2013

Hi I really need help, choosing a new mattress is giving me a headache bad enough to match my backache!!!

We made the mistake of buying a mattress (£700) from sleepmasters 3 years ago and it’s dead already. I’m a big fella weighing in at 22 stones my wife is 13 stones. The mattresses we’ve found best up to now are a Harrison Topped and tailored paradise (pillowtop with springs in it) and a Harrison Memory tailor sensation 7000 (Memory Foam & Latex topped memory foam) Lastly a Sealy Toscana Latex topped. Problem is different shops are giving contradictory advice. What type of mattress should we look at for our weight?


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John Staff 4th September 2013

Hi Andy.

This is going to be tricky and we have a detailed article here on guidance for larger sleepers. As you will know already, your weight will have a bearing on how the mattress will fare. A nine stone difference obviously indicates you will require a zip and link set with two completely different tension of springs or a one piece mattress with dual springs (med for your wife and firm for you).

The only model I would be happy in supplying as a minimum standard would be either our specifically designed Resilience model, made for 18 stone plus which would be overkill for your wife or our Artisan Tailored Pocket which I suspect looking at the models you mention may exceed your budget somewhat. To guide you further, you may have to opt for a mattress (pocket spring) or high density reflex foam that can act as the support element and add a fairly substantial top layer to offer you the comfort.

This will be something like a 7cm foam topper (not overly expensive) but the compromise you will have to make is to adjust your bedding to take account of the associated heat aspect.

The bottom line to all of this is to realise that not one mattress will be suitable for you both.

Any upholstery under 22st of constant pressure over time will struggle to rebound back to its original shape. You will have to take measures to complement any mattress with a removable top layer and renew as it becomes worn through wear and tear. This will be a more long-term economical measure than to expect the mattress alone to deliver what is required. Our Resilience model has been designed with this in mind and is two sided to help even out the wear. It also used highly resilient foams that can cope with the pressures the weight will bring, far more than polyester or any other waddings.

Hope this helps Andy and please let us know how you get on.

John and Ryan.