22 stone chap which mattress is suitable?

Andy asked
3rd September 2013

Hi I really need help, choosing a new mattress is giving me a headache bad enough to match my backache!!!

We made the mistake of buying a mattress (£700) from sleepmasters 3 years ago and it’s dead already. I’m a big fella weighing in at 22 stones my wife is 13 stones. The mattresses we’ve found best up to now are a Harrison Topped and tailored paradise (pillowtop with springs in it) and a Harrison Memory tailor sensation 7000 (Memory Foam & Latex topped memory foam) Lastly a Sealy Toscana Latex topped. Problem is different shops are giving contradictory advice. What type of mattress should we look at for our weight?


1 Answer
Lee Staff
answered 6 years ago

Hi Andy,


Thanks for your question.


At your body weights there is a significant difference in the type of mattress that you both need.


Our Resilience range is designed for the heavier sleeper; This range will support body weights from 17st to 30st. Both our models within this range have a core foam mattress with a completely detachable topper. The topper allows you to sink into it before you hit the core mattress. The Resilience 2 is the firmer model and the Resilience 1 is slightly softer.


My concern here however, would be that whilst this would suit you, chances are it won’t suit your wife at all coming in far too firm.


From the mattresses you advise you’ve been best suited with, we’d advise you steer clear of a pillowtop mattress as these are predominantly one sided mattresses and once the fabric compresses there is nothing that you can do with it.


As such, as a compromise, you might be best going for something like our Artisan 1500; This is a medium in the top layers but the firmer end of medium. You then potentially may have to add a completely separate topper to it to introduce an additional comfort layer.



At your body weights you will need a dual tension mattress – One half a Medium spring for your wife and the other half a Firm for you. Please note that you are the top end of the Firm spring tension as this will cover anyone up to 23st.


I hope this has answered your questions fully but if you do have any further queries please don’t hesitate to contact our office on 0161 437 4419. We are open 7 days a week.

Kind Regards, Lee.