Any sale items on your latex mattress range?

Keith asked
3rd January 2016

I’m 15st and have had the memory foam, hybrid foams and tried most of the sprung mattresses, moved on from each as they are uncomfortable for my 6’4″ frame
Looking at your latex in a Kingsize prefer medium firm…
Before I take yet another plung, are you having a sale?.. If yours is the right mattress I will return each renew and clearly recommend you…
Thank you! Happy new year…

1 Answer
Lee Staff
answered 4 years ago

Hi Keith,

We don’t have sales or temporary discounts like other shops.  We also don’t offer a January sale.  We have written a whole series of posts on why a sale is never really a sale and how you the consumer end up paying inflated RRP prices to then be offered a sale.

We do however have an outlet range of returned mattresses, under our 60 day love it or return it guarantee.  These are items that have been returned either for a refund or exchange and are graded according to any potential cosmetic marks from the return process.  Grade B for example is as good as new but has a 10% discount offered, we go upto a grade F which has 50% for marks or small surface tears.  These products are never faulty.  All faulty returns get inspected, analysed and then disposed of.

All of our stock is currently listed within the outlet pages here for you to have a look at.

Based on your weight and tension preference I’d look at our Origins Pocket Latex 1500 mattress model which should give a medium to firm feel.  These will both have a medium progressive sink in the top layer, which will be similar to memory foam but less heat retentive and more responsive.

Kind Regards Gary