Bed buying is so confusing

Carole asked
4th November 2019

I am looking for a very good quality pocket sprung mattress and divan plus headboard. Im my local showroom, dreams and another supplier I have seen Hypnos and Flabby, also Ni19- the salesperson in Dreams seemed very keen on Flaxby and steered me away from Hypnos. Also i have seen concerns online that Hypnos needs to be replaced regularly as it sags – which I would not be happy about. i am confused and found your site with lots of good advice but would be worried about ordering a bed I am unable to see and try first- are you able to advise me please? many thanks

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answered 3 years ago

Hi Carole,
Thank you for placing your question.
Mattress buying can be quite a bit confusing as there seems to be so much information out there.
When purchasing a mattress, you need to look at the fillings which are inside the mattress which give you the comfort together with the springs which give you the support.   In order for us to recommend the correct spring tension, we would need to know the body weights and heights of the people who will be sleeping on the mattress together with their preferred feel.  Each mattress in our range will give a different comfort however once we ascertain what the spring tension will be, that will then relate to whatever mattress you choose.
Calico soft mattress
The Flaxby mattresses do tend to be one sided and the problem with a one-sided pocket sprung mattress is that you can only use one side. it basically limits the shelf life of a product. The only acceptable mattress construction method is when using foams with springs. This is because having foam on both sides would effectively get crushed. So there are acceptable forms of a one-sided mattress. We would argue that a ‘natural’ fibre mattress should never need to be one sided. You’re just getting half the mattress for your money.
Again, most Hypnos mattresses are pillowtop which means that they can only be rotated thus shortening the life span of the mattress.  The Hypnios Premier Inn mattress has a very similar feel to our Origins Pocket 1500. Our Origins Pocket 1500 mattress has a 1500 spun bond spring unit in a medium gauge spring. These are bonded together and we then use an insulator on top of the spring unit which is a 1-inch foam insulator. This keeps the spring unit and upholstery layers separated which reduces sag and is good design practice for handmade mattresses.
The Premier Inn mattress lists the following “king-size Premier Inn bed has over 1,000 pocket springs, providing individual, contoured support throughout the mattress – wherever and whenever it’s needed – for that “floating on a cloud” feeling” Sadly this gives us no idea of the material that covers the pocket springs, whether its stitchbond or another material. It also gives us no idea of tension or gauge.

As you are looking for a very good quality pocket sprung mattress, the Origins Pocket 1500 is extremely good value for money and is a very well made mattress and is one of our best selling mattresses. Both the comfort and the support is more of a medium feel overall.
We do however also make our Artisan Range of mattresses which contain natural fillings and give a more luxurious feel.  Our Artisan Naturals mattress is again one of our best selling mattresses as it again gives an overall medium comfort from the top layers.  This mattress, however, does contain pocket springs which are encased in calico and is one of the best spring units that you can have in a mattress as it extremely breathable.

With regard to purchasing a mattress on line and would first trying it, It is a well known and accepted statistic that most people (80%) try out a mattress in a shop for less than two minutes. This is not long enough at all. There is no better way of finding out if a mattress is suitable for you than to try it over at least 2 weeks in your home environment. Obviously, you do require the correct guidance and information before being presented with a list of ‘Suitable’ options, but getting this is so unlikely. You don’t need a showroom to purchase a mattress, in fact, it’s in your best interests not to.
We offer a 60 day no quibble returns guarantee which enables you to sleep on the mattress for 7 – 8 hours per night enabling you to ensure that the mattress really does suit your requirements.   When offering advice to our customers, 96% of the time we do get it completely right, however should the mattress not suit your requirements, all you have to do is to telephone our office whereupon the mattress will either be collected and a full refund issued or we do offer a one off exchange to a different mattress.   
It would be of assistance to both you and ourselves, if you could please telephone our office with the above information, whereupon on of our advisors will be able to recommend the correct mattress for your needs – 0161 437 4419.
Kind regards