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Alexis asked 12th September 2017

Hi there – we really loved the website and products! We have had a king-size VISpring divan bed for ten years and are looking for a replacement but super-king size. Given the great prices, we could potentially consider any of the Artisan range. My wife is five four and around ten/ten and a half stone, sleeps on her side, pretty flexible about what she sleeps on. I am five ten, around thirteen/thirteen and a half stone, sleep on my side, like being cool in bed and get hot fairly easily. I also have a bad neck which gets very stiff sometimes overnight – essentially I have something that is like having mild arthritis in between a couple of my neck verterbae. We like the idea of a medium mattress but perhaps with a slightly firmer feel. Perhaps the Artisan Bespoke or Bespoke 002? We also like the idea of trying out a mattress topper for comfort and resilience provided it won’t make me feel too hot! Would love to get your advice! One final question – are you able to do any special colours not on the site as we’d love something more mauve/purple or, failing that, is it possible to get samples of some of the colours to help match the best one? Thanks very much

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Julie Staff answered 9 months ago

Hi Alexis,
Thank you for your question.
As you require a firmer mattress, we would suggest our Artisan Bespoke with a medium spring tension which will give you both the correct support for your body weights but which has a firmer comfort layer.   Please see link attached.
We would not advise purchasing a topper until you have slept on the mattress first as you need to know how those comfort layers actually feel as you may not need a topper.  We would however suggest that you use a mattress protector.
We hope the above is of assistance to you but please do not hesitate to contact our office should you require information on 0161 945 3757.
Kind regards Julie