Which bed is right for me?

John Egerton asked
2nd January 2018

I currently have an Ortho Millbrook Bed (pocket sprung) which is about 10 years old and very firm. Given I weighed well over 30 stone for much of that time, the mattress has done well and is still supportive with no obvious depressions but I started to get neck pain a few years ago and so added a memory foam topper which helped relieve that problem.
However, I have since lost weight and am now down to 25 stone and still losing weight (although the rate is very slow). As I have lost weight, I have started getting hip pain and lower back pain which is noticeable when I first get up. I also now sleep on my side (I used to sleep more on my back or front). General advice on many websites seems to be to go with a medium tension bed to address the hip pain (perhaps a 2000 pocket sprung bed (I want a king size)) to reduce the impact on the body pressure points.
I have looked at your website and your reviews which are very impressive. I certainly feel I can trust your advice. I have looked at your Resilience range but have no experience of sleeping on a foam bed and have understood that such beds tend to be hot (I prefer a cool bed). Grateful if you could confirm if this is right and also perhaps suggest an alternative in your ranges that I should look at (if there are any). I actually need a divan bed so will need a base as well as the mattress (I don’t need a headboard).
Grateful for any help you can give.
Many thanks

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Guy Blundell
answered 1 year ago

Hi John,
Thank you for the information you have provided.
Congratulations on the weight loss!
A 2000 pocket sprung mattress may come in at slightly too soft for you at the moment. The maximum weight we would advise would be 23 stone but as you are consistently loosing weight this would still be an option for you.

As you sleep on your side now, you would require a good true medium feel in the upper layers. This is to allow your body to sink into the top layers whilst your weight will be supported underneath by the springs.

The foam mattresses we use do not have the same features as a memory foam mattress. Our Resilience range use cooling agents in the upper layers of the foam to counter any potential overheating/ heat retention issues found with most memory foam mattresses.


As solid divan base would be the best option for you as this will give you a true feel for the mattress.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to call through to the office on 0161 437 4419

Kind Regards Gary