Beds in a Showroom

Dennis asked 3rd April 2017

Do you have a showroom?

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Gary Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Dennis

Thanks for your question.

We are internet based only and do not have any retail outlets selling our products. In order to assist we endeavour to match the customer to the product and in 96% of instance we get this spot on. The small number of cases where this doesn’t happen are covered by our 60 day “love it or return it” guarantee and because of the care taken when advising it makes us confident to offer this guarantee. We have a detailed article on why you don’t need to visit a store here.

As a matter of interest, it should be noted that trying a mattress in a showroom for 10-15 minutes is no substitute for sleeping on it for 6-8 hours per night. I addition, you will not be aware of how long the display model has been there and how many hundreds of people may have laid on it whilst in store. This is likely to mean that a new product of the same specification as the one on display is going to feel entirely different.

The best way to compare a mattress is by knowing the Grams per square meter of any upholstery and the spring mechanics of the mattresses in question. We have two really detailed posts below to get you started!

  1. Know your GSM timetable
  2. Pocket Springs explained

If you require any further assistance please call the office on 0161 437 4419. We will provide advice and guidance as to the most appropriate model from our ranges. I trust that this helps.

Regards Gary