what is your best bed for me

angela asked
28th August 2017

I am a female,7 stone,5ft4 with lumbar spine damage and a side sleeper,my current bed is firm and 10 years old and I wake up in worse shape than I am after a hard days work,i tried out some beds at bensons and found the most comfortable to be 1 and 2 firmness category, I particularly liked a mammoth 2 firmness for comfort but it had a not stand the test of time look to it,price aside,what would be your recommendation from your range to suit me,thankyou

1 Answer
Lee Lelant
answered 2 years ago

Hi Angela,


Thank you for your question.


Whilst we have no direct comparison for the Mammoth range we would say that they come in similar to our Hybrid and Latex ranges.


Our Hybrid range provides a similar sink in sensation to Memory Foam but it doesn’t rely on heat in order to adapt to body movements.


Our Fusion range is different in the sense that it feels firmer overall but still has that sink in sensation.


At the body weight provided I would guide you to our Hybrid 4 model, which will feel more medium overall.


In our Fusion range I would guide you to our Fusion 3 model as this comes with a Latex topper to soften down the feel meaning again it will come in feeling medium overall.



With those existing pains you don’t want anything that is too firm or too soft in the feel as you want something supportive but not too firm.


I hope that this has answered your questions fully but if you do have any further queries then please don’t hesitate to contact me on 0161 437 4419.


Kind Regards, Lee.