Best mattress for chronic back pain

April asked 28th July 2017

I have suffered from chronic lower back pain for three years and sleep on a Reylon Majesty bed which has a sprung base and a soft/ med mattress.. I wake frequently in the night in pain especially when turning over. I am 5′ 3″ and weigh 9 .5 stone.,my husband is 5′ 10″ and weights 10.
Recently I was on holiday for three weeks and slept in three different beds without any back pain for the duration of my holiday but on return to my bed at home I woke with back pain. This confirms that it is my bed that is causing the problem.
I have tried several beds and am considering the Emma mattress or a Hypnos but to be honest I am totally confused as to which mattress will give me the best support for my back and don’t want to waste more money on another unsupportive mattress so would be grateful for any advice.

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Lee Lelant Staff answered 1 year ago

Good Morning April,

Thank you for your question.

What we always need to consider first is matching you to the correct spring tension. This is what gives you the correct level of support within the mattress itself and as you are both borderline, you would get support from both the soft and medium spring tensions.


Spring TensionWire diameterWeight Range
Soft1.2mmUpto 10 stone
Medium1.4mm10-16 stone
Firm1.6mm16 stone plus
Extra Firm / Orthopaedic1.9mm20 stone plus

Once that is established all you then really need to consider is how you want the mattress to feel in it’s top upholstery layers, also known as it’s comfort layers.  In regards to the back pain that you talk about, the advice used to be that a firmer mattress was best for any back problems but that is not the case, in fact, we would always advise to steer clear of any mattress that is too firm in it’s comfort layers as it will only make those pains worse.



Origins Pocket spring 1500 mattress

As you mention the Hypnos bed, we compare our Origins Pocket 1500 mattress to the Premier Inn Hypnos mattress. This mattress is a fantastic all-rounder and is very medium feeling in it’s top layers.  As this is used in hotels, it is designed to hold a vast array of body weights and as such provides a great support.


Artisan Naturals mattress

Alternatively, I would recommend looking at our Artisan Naturals mattress. This is slightly softer than the Origins Pocket 1500, however, it will still give a great all-round support.  This mattress is also made from 85% natural fibres meaning that it is also generally cooler.


It is always worth considering the base that the mattress will go on to. A slatted or solid base will make any mattress feel firmer whereas a pocket sprung base will soften the mattress down.  I would recommend checking the base that your current mattress is being used on as it can impact on the feel of the mattress if the base isn’t brilliant.

I hope that this has answered your questions fully but if you do have any further queries then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0161 437 4419.  Our office hours are 8 am – 8 pm Monday to Friday and 10 am – 4 pm Saturday and Sunday.

Kind Regards