Best mattress king size 12 stone man, 9 stone woman 70 years old

Colin milner asked
12th July 2016

We can afford to spend £1000 but would prelfelt to spend less. Existing is 5 years old, some sort of foam but too firm.
Aching bones require softer mattress

1 Answer
Lee Staff
answered 3 years ago

Hi Colin,

Sorry to hear of your aching bones, let’s see if we can help resolve that for you.

For your weights and compared to firm foam we would recommend you look at a traditional model from our Artisan range. A medium feel in the comfort layer and a medium spring gauge should be the right place to start.

Your sleeping habits/personal preference will then determine how you would like the mattress to feel in the comfort layers. This is where you will achieve the feel you are looking for (soft/medium/firm). Do you know if you have a preference for a soft, medium or firm?

If you do not, I would advise to go out and try the;
Vispring Devonshire – Soft in upper layers – Comparable with the Artisan Luxury
Vispring Regal Superb – True medium in upper layers – Comparable with Artisan Bespoke 004
Vispring Herald – Firm in the upper layers – Comparable with the Artisan Bespoke

Have a look at our Artisan Naturals model, which compares to the Vi-spring regal superb, and then maybe get back in touch with us on your thoughts. We can then tailor some recommendations.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact the office on 0161 437 4419