Which would be the best mattress for us?

Maggie asked 19th August 2017

Hi – we currently have a slatted base Super-King bed but the slats are about 4 or 5 inches apart so I realise that we may be best to put a solid board down instead. We currently have a pillow-top mattress which I think is a Sealy. It weighs a ton, is so heavy it’s hard to lift up the corners to put sheets on and as we’ve had it for many years now there are definite dents where we sleep with a ridge in the middle.

We both weigh between 12 and 14 stone. I’m 5′ 6″ and my husband is 5′ 11″. I have fibromyalgia amongst other things, and my husband has CFS/ME so neither of us sleep very well and wake up with lots of aches and pains so we’re hoping that a new mattress would help, though I doubt there’s anything that can be done about our respective snoring!

We don’t have a huge budget so the Artisan Luxury range wouldn’t be an option, but we would consider buying a mattress topper with a new mattress as I understand from your site that that’s recommended and I’m very “princess and the pea”-ish about feeling mattress stitching and tufts. Ideally we’d like to try a zip and link, partly because the delivery men had to bend the current mattress to get it upstairs, but also to help with my husband’s sleep as I toss and turn a lot! I had wondered about a memory foam one, but having read about the heat issues I don’t think that would be suitable.

Apologies for the complicated requirements. We’d really appreciate your advice re which of your mattresses would be the most suitable for us.



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Lee Lelant Staff answered 2 years ago

Good Afternoon Maggie,

Thank you for your questions.

For anyone suffering from Fibromyalgia, we would always advise that you need a really soft mattress as any pressure can cause pains.  With that in mind, our usual recommendation would be the Artisan Luxury model as it is the softest mattress that we offer. However, as you’ve advised not having a big budget it narrows your choices somewhat. The softest in our Origins range is the Origins Comfort 1000, which many of our customers with your condition have found comfortable.


Artisan Luxury mattress


With the body weights provided, you are both matched to a Medium spring tension; This is what provides you with the correct level of support from within the mattress itself.


BodyweightSpring tension
Upto 8 Stone / 50kgSoft
8-16 Stone / 50-101kgMedium
16 Stone / 101kg UpwardsFirm

You could opt for our Artisan Naturals model which is the true medium feeling mattress in it’s top layers and add a mattress topper to it to soften it down. This would also prevent you from feeling the tufts through the sheet. However, I’m quite reluctant to offer this as the general consensus for Fibromyalgia is that you need something really soft to alleviate the symptoms.  Our Artisan range is the softer of the 2 pocket sprung unit ranges that we offer due to the construction from natural fibres and materials, which is what leads us to this range.

Our toppers come in feeling medium overall so I would recommend looking at a company called Latex Sense who offer a wide range of latex options with different densities and depths allowing you to get a truer soft feel.

We have a lot of feedback that Memory Foam leaves the user feeling very hot as it relies on heat retention in order to adapt to bodily movements so if overheating is an issue then I would recommend avoiding this.

Zip and Link mattresses are ideal for anyone where access to the property is an issue, where there is a big difference between body weights and one spring tension won’t cover both users or where one user has a tendency to disturb the other. Both mattresses act as individual entities so no movement is transferred between the 2 mattresses.

I’m sorry that I can’t be of any more assistance but this is quite a specialised area and I certainly don’t want to offer you any model that won’t be suitable for your needs.

If you do have any further queries in the meantime then please don’t hesitate to contact me on 0161 437 4419.  Our office hours are 8 am – 8 pm Monday to Friday and 10 am – 4 pm Saturday and Sunday.

Kind Regards