Buying a new mattress. Help!

Jo asked
29th August 2017

HiI need to buy a new mattress as I\’m getting pain in between my shoulder blades (this always happens when I need a new bed).I\’m 5\’8\” and 13 stone and my husband is 5\’11\” and 18 stone.Dreams seem willing to sell me any bed I\’m willing to pay for; as I walk round I\’m told almost everyone is suitable.Benson\’ were short on beds to try and I didn\’t like the ones I did try.John Lewis had a good selection but the sales assistant told me I needed a medium bed even though the firm one felt much better to me. She said it was too firm for me? https://www.johnlewis.com/john-lewis-natural-collection-7000-british-fleece-wool-pocket-spring-mattress-medium-king-size/p2429086I love the feeling of a fairly supportive bed that has lots of padding on the top (so not like lying on a brick). I\’m sleeping on a firm combination mattress at the moment, 1400 pocket springs. It was great until a few months ago although it\’s just over 7 years old now.Please help , I can\’t find a new mattress!Many thanks for your time.

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Lee Lelant
answered 2 years ago

Hi Jo,

Thank you for your question.

Unfortunately there are many companies out there that will literally sell anyone anything in order to secure a sale. This is where we differ as we simply want to ensure our customers get the right product for their needs even if this means purchasing elsewhere.

At the body weights provided we would match you to a dual spring tension of Medium for yourself at 13 stone and Firm for your husband at 18 stone.

BodyweightSpring tension
Upto 8 Stone / 50kgSoft
8-16 Stone / 50-101kgMedium
16 Stone / 101kg UpwardsFirm

The spring tension is what provides support from inside the mattress itself.

What sometimes gets confusing is that you then have to consider the top upholstery layers, also known as the comfort layers. This is what you sleep on top of on top of the springs and can have a soft sink in sensation, a medium support or a firmer feel. Some people confuse this with the spring tension but both are completely separate.

I can only speculate but maybe John Lewis were referring to the Medium spring, which we would also advise you of, rather than the top layer when they advised you.

With everything you specify I would guide you towards our Artisan Naturals and Artisan Bespoke 004 mattresses.

This range is constructed from natural fibres and materials and as such come in feeling softer to other mattresses as well as cooler.

The Naturals is the true medium of the range; I.e, not too soft or firm whereas the Bespoke 004 comes in feeling slightly softer.

I hope this has answered your question fully but if you do have any further queries then please don’t hesitate to contact me on 0161 437 4419.

Kind Regards, Lee.