Can I try out your bed range before we commit to buying?

Catherine Craven asked
8th February 2017

Having checked our height and weight I see a medium support is our best option but my husband insists he wants a firm support.We really need to work out what your version of medium is and what my husbands version of firm is

1 Answer
Ryan K Staff
answered 2 years ago

Hi Catherine
We don’t have showrooms or re sellers as we only make our own beds.
I can completely understand your apprehension about buying a bed without trying it first but don’t worry we have got you covered!
We have a 60 night comfort guarantee which means that you can try the bed for up to 2 months and if you need to swap the tension we can do that. If you are not happy for any reason we will also collect the bed free of charge and refund you in full.
Our team are highly experienced and would love to chat to you to make sure you are making the right choice. In fact we make a point of contacting every customer that orders from us to ensure they have picked the right bed as it really is in our best interest to get it right first time!
We believe buying a bed this way is the safest way to buy a bed as lots of retailers won’t let you exchange a bed once you have slept in it. This means that although you may find a bed in showroom comfortable after lying on it for 5 minutes you can really tell how you will feel having slept in it for a few weeks – its only after this time that you will know if the bed is right for you.
Hope this helps