Coolblue and laygel toppers, what is the difference between the two ?

Mario asked 5th March 2019

1) If I understand correctly, your coolblue layer is memory foam with something added. Is it gel infused and if so how much of it is the cooling gel?

2) Is the laygel a gel infused into synthetic latex and if so, again how much of it is the cooling gel?

3) What is the resonance why he’s two are very different shades of blue?

Many thanks

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Guy Blundell Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Hi Mario,

Thanks for your questions,

Both memory foam and latex have been around for over 20 years commercially and in the meantime, a number of other hybrid foams have been created. Many bed retailers will only refer to these with their brand names or will incorrectly classify them as a memory foam again confusing the area.

We have published an article here providing an in-depth explanation of the main differences between Laygel and Coolblue,

I hope this helps.