Dents in mattress?

Morning Larry asked

19th May 2017

We have just bought a new mattress because our memory foam one was too hot. I am a bit concerned because of the dents in it where we sleep, and we have only had it for a week. It wasn’t a cheap one £450, and made in England by master craftsmen etc etc.
It’s called the kensington Baronet, made by the Excellent Relax bedding company Ltd. It looks good, feels good, and we are only ten stone each and the dents are very noticeable, about an inch deep where the hip and shoulders go. I apologise for asking this question, seeing that we haven’t purchased one of your products, only we don’t know much about mattresses, and after seeing a programme on tv about fake mattresses i’m a bit concerned about its longevity, and don’t know who to ask.
Kindest regards, Mr Larry Goodman.

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Lee Staff
answered 2 years ago

Morning Larry,

Sorry to hear of your dilemma. No worries that it’s not one of our mattresses when someone needs mattress SOS we’re happy to help!

Well, Excellent Relax is a well-respected manufacturer from the UK. They make a number of mattress styles, and some traditionally made mattresses, hand side stitching, natural fibres etc. So I doubt you’ve been sold a dud. The dents may be the new mattress simply settling. We always advise for the first few months the fillings will settle slightly and we recommend turning and rotating to even out this initial adjustment.

If you’re worried though please ring them and have a chat with them. I’m certain they would want to help reassure you or advise on what’s going on. Sending them some photos is also very helpful when there’s a concern over a new mattress.

If you require any assistance with our products please give the office a call 0161 437 4419

We hope that helps Larry, all the best.