Differences between sprung bed bases

Martin asked 25th September 2017

Testing on Vi-Spring mattresses suggests that my partner will need a sprung divan base in addition to soft springs.
You sell two types of sprung divan base – can you outline the difference between them? How will they compare the the Vi-Spring bases?

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Lee Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Martin,

That’s a good question. In terms of quality and components, all our divan bases are up there in terms of Vi-spring comparisons. Our Sprung edge divans come in two options.

1)The first is an open coil sprung divan which will give you that slightly softer style sink that sprung divans have compared to a platform (firm topped) divans have. When coupled with our Artisan mattresses it gives the mattress a feel if being slightly softer, only ever so.

2) The other option is a Pocket Sprung divan which uses pocket springs within a wooden frame on top of the divan. These are the next level up in terms of responsivity compared to an open coil. They give a more advanced dynamic to the base. We don’t offer a true edge like Vi-spring where the springs meet the actual edge, we have found that our customers prefer having the bed base frame as the edge to give edge support. If not you can get that roll off feeling.

It is a bit ‘horses for courses’ with the level of detail I have discussed. A sprung edge divan is already superior in terms of what it can do compared to a slatted or platform top divan. The spring unit and edge finishing are really just the icing on the cake. Most people wouldn’t notice the three differences.

We have an article here on Sprung edge bases which helps explain. There is also a really detailed discussion on Mattress Bases which can be found here.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our office on 0161 437 4419.

Kind regards Julie