Differences between Vispring, Dunlopillo, Savoir, etc

Deanna asked
7th November 2016

I’m in the usa – yeah, I wish I could order from you guys but am afraid of the custom charges 🙂 – so am asking your opinion about other uk/european brands besides Vispring. There’s a store near me that does stock Vispring, though the beds are made to order and Vispring delivers to its warehouse in California. At least that’s what the sales guy told me. So I’m interested though I haven’t yet tested out the mattress. I’m also not sure if I should trust this particular shop’s expertise and where I live, there’s little competition. Was interested in the elite or coronet – the entry level/ That said, I’m prepared to find a usa-based retailer. My main questions:
1) What’s the difference between Vispring, Savior, Dunloptillo, and Relyon (I have found that the latter two makers to import to the usa)? Is there anything I need to know in particular about these brands that a British consumer might know that an American might not? Stuff like general reputation, quality, etc?
2) Any differences you’ve found between the uk brands and the other european offerings – Hastens and Carpe Diem are the two that have entered the usa market.
Some info about myself if it helps: I’m looking for a twin size mattress – it’s just for myself, after all – and weigh about 110-115 ibs/49kgs? Am a back/side sleeper though on some odd occasion do end up on my stomatch.
And seriously, if you guys can find a way to export or maybe just post experiences from the few usa customers that have ordered and have actually paid the customs, etc, please do so. At least from what I can tell in America, there’s low end and expensive. Very little middle. Your prices even converted would still be cheaper than a Vispring, etc. Though the delivery charges are going to factor in later.

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Lee Staff
answered 3 years ago

Hi Deanna,


Firstly this is a really detailed and well-considered question, the kind we love here at John Ryan By Design. We will do our best to answer it and we may refer you to some of our detailed posts to save the answer becoming overwhelming for our wider audience.


1) What’s the difference between Vispring, Savior, Dunlopillo, and Relyon – We will start with Savoir who are the creme de la creme of mattress manufactured here in the UK. They are super top end and they have priced accordingly. Hand made and beautful. We don’t have a bad word to say about them, looking at their range you can see the craftsmanship that goes into their mattresses. They have a Royal Warrant which means they supply the Royal family and the Savoir hotel.


Vispring is also an excellent mattress manufacturer who we compare our Artisan range to. Though we tend to put slightly more GSM in our comparative models but that’s splitting hairs. Their products have to account for their advertising, worldwide distribution network etc. That is how we can offer our products far more competitively.



Dunlopillo and Relyon are both children of Steinhoff (UK) International Holdings Ltd a huge company.


Dunlopillo has been making latex mattresses for years and were quite big in the USA many many years ago. They have changed ownership a number of times and customer feedback online via various sites is that their products have suffered in terms of quality and longevity. Unfortunately, they don’t state the blend of mix of latex they use making it hard to compare.


Relyon are a huge bed producer with many arms and subsequent brands. They make mattresses for the mass market. Compare their models to ours to find the difference, there’s a guide here.


What’s important with all of these manufacturers is finding out the GSM in the models, without this it’s impossible to compare. A reputable mattress retailer or manufacturer should be able to tell you exactly what’s in their models. If not walk away. We have an article on who owns which brand here which may help.


2) Any differences you’ve found between the UK brands and the other European offerings – Hastens and Carpe Diem are the two that have entered the USA market. – We hold by our recommendation that knowing the GSM and the mattress construction method is all you need to be able to accurately compare Deanna. We couldn’t comment on the differences between mass brands like this I’m afraid. It’s like trying to quickly compare Microsoft and Apple, there is too much variance and we would need specifics models with the GSM and detailing specifics. Like you say there’s a big gulf between cheap bottom end mass produced mattresses made for the many with little attention to the quality of the components and the high end super well-constructed models like Savoir and ourselves. We’re sorry we can’t offer a comparable alternative available in the USA for you at this time Deanna.


We really appreciate your positive feedback on our site and products but unfortunately we cannot ship to the USA. We can absolutely sell to you but onward shipping would be at your expense and similarly if you have to make use of the 60 day love it or return it guarantee then the return shipment back to us would be at your expense.


I hope this helps as much as possible but if you do have any further queries please don’t hesitate to contact our small friendly team on 0161 437 4419. Our office is open Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and Saturday and Sunday 10am to 4pm.


Kind Regards, Lee.