Do your mattresses contain fire retardant chemicals

K Ripley asked
23rd November 2018

This is a fantastic informative site and I have spent many hours reading through all the information – thank you. I am looking for a natural filled mattress that contains the least amount of fire retardant chemicals and VCOs. Are you able to give a rough percentage amount for each of your mattresses or rank them in order? I also read a question from about a year ago about the need for treated top fabrics. I have noticed a few manufactures now stating their outer fabric is chemical free. Is this something you will be able to offer in the near future?

1 Answer
Guy Blundell
answered 2 years ago

Hi K Ripley

Thanks for your feedback and question!

We’re glad we can help.

Our entire Artisan Mattress range now features a Chemical-Free FR application. By using Biobased ingredients for the treatment compound. Resulting in a plant-based fire retardancy finish which is completely compliant with the regulations.

The only way to reduce the risk that off-gassing is kept to a minimum is to buy a natural mattress such as 100% Natural Latex or a pocket sprung natural mattress.

Usually UK retailed mattresses will contain chemical compounds for the fire retardancy because of safety regulations which require them to be fire retardant.

Further to this, any adhesives used in even natural mattress manufacture will contain VOC’s to some degree. We don’t use adhesives in any of our Artisan mattresses.

All you can do is weigh up the evidence and decide what mattress is best for you in terms of budget, potential health concerns and manufacture techniques.

I hope this helps, if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact the office on 0161 437 4419