Finding an Ikea Hesseng too firm

Brad Pirto asked 26th October 2015

I have recently moved in to a room that has a IKEA hessing mattress. It is extremely firm and having slept on it for 10 days I find that I get sore shoulders and back. Are you able to recommend a ideal mattress topper?(should it be microfibre?). I currently have placed a 10 tog down duvet on the mattress for extra support. Are toppers any more beneficial than doing something like this?

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JohnRyanLtd answered 3 years ago

Hi Brad,

I would consult with the shop and see what there return policy is if you are getting pain in your shoulders and back, so you can get the most out of their return policy if they have one.

The main reason for using a topper is to provide a softer comfort layer on top of a mattress, which may feel firm without. They are an ideal solution if your are not in a position to purchase a new mattress. The type of topper you require will dependent upon personal preference i.e. just how soft you wish to go. We do make some hybrid foam and latex toppers. A topper is preferable to the duvet you are currently using as they are made for purpose.

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