Height, weight and recommended tension calculation

Robert Snipe asked 23rd January 2018


Thanks for the your very informative website. I am currently trying to decide on one of your artisan range for my wife and I.

I notice you have a spring tension chart listed on the pocket spring mattress details pages and you also list recommended tension by weight in at least two other places.

Pocket springs


Soft, medium or firm mattress?

Here lies the possibility for conflicting information.

I am 185cm and 63.5Kg and my wife is 161cm and 44Kg, according to your spring tension chart i would be suitable for a soft tension but according to your other two references i would be a medium.

Could you please clarify which would be the better option for me?

I think a detailed post on height, weight and tension would be a great addition to the understanding beds section, or even better a calculator! I understand that there are many factors involved but you could provide a calculator on a few inputs like
side (maybe curled or straight), back or front sleeper

I essentially want to be told what mattress is right for me. Whatever it takes to get my spine is as straight a position as possible.

I am going to do some calculations using a profile picture of myself which i will be able to roughly calculate the weight per area i exert on the mattress and do the same for my wife. Could you provide a correlation between weight per area and spring tension? The chart you provide must use a similar method.



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Julie Staff answered 12 months ago

Hi Robert,

Thank you for your question.

It would be very difficult for us to make a chart based on height weight and tension purely because it really is just a guide.  The overall choice is personal preference.  One persons medium is another persons soft.

At your body weight we would generally advise a medium spring tension in order to give you the correct support.  It would be a good idea for you to go and try the relevant Vi Spring mattresses that our Artisan range have a similar feel to in order to see which you do prefer.   The springs are only one part of a mattress and are there to give you the correct support, whereas, the upholstery layers are there to give you the comfort.

I hope this assists but if you do require any further information, it may be better to have a chat over the telephone – 0161 437 4419.

Kind regards Julie