How do I decide which mattress would best suit us?

Craig asked 28th August 2017

We have never bought a brand new mattress, as we’ve not had the money, and have overlooked the benefits of having a good quality mattress to spend half of our lives on!
Our current mattress is quite firm, but the wife (5’8′ side sleeper’ and 9st) finds it uncomfortable. I quite like it, but as a side sleeper to avoid snoring, I can wake up with a sore shoulder (6’2” 16st).
We are both 27 and expecting our first baby in January, so would like to ensure that what little sleep we get isn’t hampered by feeling uncomfortable and hot!
Our budget isn’t huge, less than 700 as we will also need a new king size frame, but see this as a good investment.
Any advice greatly appreciated, thanks!

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Lee Lelant Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Craig,

Thank you for your questions.

At the weights provided we would match you both to a Medium spring tension.

The spring is what sits inside the mattress and provides the level of support.

However, you yourself are borderline between a Medium and Firm spring. We wouldn’t usually put anyone on to a Firm spring until you reach 17 stone. However, if you do like something more supportive you can choose the Firm spring.

BodyweightSpring tension
Upto 9 Stone / 57kgSoft
9-16 Stone / 57-101kgMedium
16 Stone / 101kg UpwardsFirm

Once the spring is established it becomes about how you want the top upholstery layers to feel; The top upholstery is also referred to as the comfort layers and this is where you can have a soft sink in sensation, more medium support or firmer feel.

With the budget provided I would guide you to our Origins Pocket 1500 mattress. In it’s range this is very medium feeling in it’s top layers; I.e, not too soft nor too firm.

For anyone with existing pains we would always recommend not choosing a mattress that is too firm in it’s top layers as this will only serve to make those pains worse.

With this model however, you would need to choose a Zip and Link mattress in order to get different spring tensions if you yourself want the firmer spring. One half would be medium for your wife and the other half firm for yourself.

I hope that this has answered your questions fully but if you do have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact me on 0161 437 4419.

Kind Regards, Lee.