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Jonathan Sayers asked 6th September 2017

I need to buy a new mattress and your products & services are the ones that appeals most
We have a wooden sprung slatted base and our current mattress has a hump in the middle and sunk where we sleep. I realize i may need to mdf over the slats for a new mattress to be suitable.
We have a budget of approx £800 to spend on a mattress.
We don’t want a memory foam mattress as we find these too hot.
Im approx 6’4″ 16st and am a back sleeper and my partner is approx 5’10” and 13st and sleeps on her side/back.
Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Guy Blundell Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Mr Sayers,

There are many anecdotes on this site and throughout the internet where the mattress develops a central dip known as ‘The Hump Back Bridge Effect’ and this can easily be attributed to the use of a slatted bed frame where the pressure of the slats (the arches) are too firm to ‘give’ under the weight of mattress and user and, therefore, the mattress is prone to settling on the central support bar.

I would advise that if the gap on in between the slats is more than 3 inches to pop either ply or MDF down. This will then recreate a solid flat surface for the mattress to sit. This will also firm the overall feel of the mattress up for you.

As you find memory foam too hot, I would like to point you towards our Artisan/Fusion range. Both of these ranges contain natural fibres which will give you a cooler sleeping surface as they do not retain anywhere near as much heat as a standard memory foam (synthetic fibre)

At the body weights you have provided I would recommend a medium tension for the right support, this is determined by your weights. Then you would choose your mattress based on your preferred firmness. For example if you preferred a medium feel mattress I would advise to look at the Artisan Naturals in a medium spring as this provides you with a true medium in the upper layers which are the layers that give you comfort and then a medium spring to support your weights.


I hope this helps, if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to call the office on 0161 947 3757