Is the Rapport Therapur pillowtop mattress worth it?

Sam asked 6th October 2015

I have found this article very useful however we recently found a mattress from Dreams which we (my wife and I) both like. It is the Rapport Therapur from Dreams.

However it has a pillow top, but does this still apply as this has their iGel tech in there rather than the cheaper material you suggest. We have ruled out the memory foam option as we both get warm and was advised that the iGel would be ideal.

Your comments are appreciated as I know feel this might not be suitable for us. Our budget is around £1,300 with an Ottoman base (any particular downfalls to this as well?)

Thanks in advance,

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JohnRyanLtd answered 3 years ago

Hi Sam,

The comments we make in respect of pillow tops apply to this mattress as well because the top is micro quilted, which will in time fail. As the mattress is sold to suit with the pillow top, the comfort of the same is likely to be affected by the eventual failure of the pillow top.

You can read our article on why pillowtop mattresses are a bad idea here and also our review of the premier inn mattress which is also a pillowtop.

As far as a recommendation is concerned, I am unable to provide such without knowledge of your body weights and preferred feel (soft, medium or firm).

Please call our office with these details on 0161 945 3757, so that we can provide advice as to the most suitable product from our ranges. Kind regards Mike.