King Sized Artisan Base, Zip and Link, Pocket Sprung Unit

Sam asked 5th September 2017

I am unable to move a king sized mattress or divan bed up the stairs, the access is too small.
Current King sized mattress is a The Viscount from British Bed Company. This mattress was bent over, with straps, length-ways, by removal men. The mattress, on a slatted bedstead, has a mound in the middle and slops off to the edges on both sides. it is also uncomfortable, feels like the springs are digging into both of us.
To spread the costs I was thinking of the Divan mentioned in the subject line, followed by a zip link King mattress later on. I would be using the current mattress in the meantime (it can’t be any worse!)

* I assume the Divan has the ‘True Edge’ all the way around both halves of the zip-link, effectively like two single beds. Will this continue to cause a mound down the the centre of the mattress, as there will be two edges right in the middle of the bed?
* Is this even a good idea? Will two Divans and one mattress, or later two mattresses, linked together, always just feel like two beds pushed together? I.e. with a ridge down the middle of the bed, not like a shared king sized/

Kind regards,


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Julie Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Sam,


Thank you for your question.


It is never a good idea to bend a pocket sprung mattress as this can damage the spring unit which is what I think has happened to your mattress.


The other possibility of why your mattress is sloping is if your slatted base is a sprung slatted base, this can cause a ridge in the middle of the mattress.  By putting down some MDF or Hardboard on top of the sprung slats, this could solve your problem – please see the link attached.


Our Sprung Divan Bases are true edge bases which means that they have a firm piece of wood round the outside edge of the base and the springs sit in the middle.


A Zip & Link mattress and base are two separate beds that are linked/zipped together.  They will always feel like two separate beds but to alleviate this, you could add a mattress topper which will not only protect your mattress but you would not feel the join down the middle.   Please see the link provided which explains how zip & link beds work.



We hope the above is of assistance to you but please do not hesitate to telephone our office should you require further information on 0161 413 2714.


Kind Regards, Julie