Latex Mattress or Pocket Sprung with a Topper?

Patturner90 asked 27th September 2017

I am a 10 st, side sleeper would I be better buying an Origins comfort plus latex topper or a full latex mattress?

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Lee Lelant Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Patturner90,

Thank you for your question.

As a side sleeper our advice is to avoid any mattress that is too firm in it’s top layer as it will simply cause pressure point pains in places such as hips, knees and shoulders.

As such I wouldn’t necessarily advise choosing latex as it is generally a firm material overall. Latex is quite an acquired taste so if you haven’t trialled it before I would recommend testing the Dunlopillo range that can be tested in any Furniture Village, Harrods, House of Fraser or And So To Bed store. This range compares with our Fusion range.

Predominantly a mattress topper is used to soften down any mattress feeling too firm. As such I wouldn’t recommend adding a latex topper to the Origins Comfort mattress as it is one of the softer mattresses we offer and it will also completely change the overall feel.

Your choice would depend on whether you want support from a spring inside the mattress or if you want a complete mattress constructed from latex.

I would advise testing the Dunlopillo range and coming back to us with your findings on 0161 437 4419.

Kindest Regards,