Latex vs Memory Foam

Jashpal Mann asked 19th October 2011

John / Ryan… wonderful advice. I’m not going to buy a memory foam matress and will be looking into latex matresses to help with sore joints (shoulders and a very sore back.. although it’s a mine field !)… products include latext with memory foam, latext with memory foam and springs, latex with memeory foam, foam adn springs the list is endless !

My budget is about £350-400 and I’ve also been suggested a breathable visco from (deluxe model). although your recommendations would be appreciated Thanks J Mann

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John Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Jashpal.
I’m afraid your budget is not that great for a latex matt and the best we can offer is the Origins Pocket 1500.
Obviously dependent on your bodyweights, this will be supportive and also offers significant comfort layers for your bad back etc, Please feel free to give us a call to discuss further.
John and Ryan.