Looking for a mattress with comfort levels similar to the Vispring Devonshire

Tony asked 24th August 2017

I’ve tried the Vispring Devonshire in two stores and like the comfort level more than any other Vispring including the Regal superb.
The current sale price for a King of £1757 is too dear for me. I’ve seen on line in “and so to bed” the Pelinor in medium tension mattress at £1110. This looks very similar to the Devonshire especially as the company is owned by Vispring. The desciption is:
Mattress Springs: 1184 luxury pocket springs sewn into individual pockets in a honeycomb nested unit.

Mattress Border: 21cm deep with 2 x rows wide fluted hand side stitching, horizontal flag stitched handles and air vents, hand finished with pipe tick.

Mattress Upholstery: Upholstered with 1200gsm blended British wool and cotton overlaid with 1000gsm bonded British wool and cotton. Covered in luxury Belgian ivory tick with and embroidered And So To Bed logo.

Alternatively, could I get the Devonshire type feel with the origins 1000/1500 and a quality wool topper?

I understand that material quality is lower and guarantees shorter but support and comfort is my top priority.

I am also concerned about settlement being more likely on natural fibre filling mattresses

I have a sprung divan base and a platform divan base in the spare bedroom that I could use.

My wife and I are 13-14 stone 5’4 and 5’8. I always sleep in my side.

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Lee Lelant Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Tony,

Thank you for your questions.

The Vi-Spring Devonshire compares with our own Artisan Luxury mattress.


 John Ryan By Design Artisan LuxuryVi-Spring Devonshire
Total GSM4600gsm2600gsm
11200 GSM British Fleece Wool and Cotton 600gsm British Fleece Wool
2Hairproof Cambric Cover1700gsm Devonshire Fleece Wool
31200gsm Pure Horsehair NA
4500gsm Pure WoolNA
51200gsm Pure HorsetailNA
6500gsm Pure Wool300gsm Bonded British Fleece Wool and Cotton
71476 Calico encased Pocket Springs [51mm] [1.42mm] 1326 Calico encased Pocket Springs [54mm] [1.52mm]

This mattress is the softest mattress that we offer in terms of the comfort layer and very much gives a sink in sensation.

At the body weights provided we would match you both to a Medium spring giving the correct level of support within the mattress itself.

In regards to the Origins 1000/1500 mattress; The Comfort 1000 is the softest mattress that we have in the Origins range. Again it would provide a sink in sensation but it wouldn’t be as soft as the Luxury due to being constructed from man made, synthetic fibres and materials. The Origins Pocket 1500 is more Medium overall in it’s top layers; I.e, not too soft nor too firm so would have less of a sink in sensation.

Your bodyweightThis will feel
Under 10 Stone / 63kgMedium
10-12 Stone / 63-76kgMedium
12-14 Stone / 76-88kgMedium
14-16 Stone / 88-101kgMedium
16-18 Stone / 101-114kgSoft to Medium
18 Stone / 114kg PlusPlease call for advice

You can add a topper to one of these to soften it down even further but our own toppers tend to have a more medium feel overall. As such I would recommend looking at Soak and Sleep or Latex Sense as they have a wider range available and can offer different depths and densities.

The Origins and Artisan mattresses are fine to go on to either of the bases that you have; We would just advise that a sprung base will soften down the overall feel of the mattress slightly.

If budget is an issue then I would recommend looking at our Outlet section of the website. This offers items that have been returned to us under our 60 Day Love It or Return It guarantee and since they have been used we have graded them and discounted them.

I hope this has answered your questions fully but if you do have any further queries please don’t hesitate to contact me on 0161 437 4419.

Kind Regards,