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martin asked 31st July 2017

I am 9 stone 7lbs slightly built. What would be the best mattress for me for a good nights sleep

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Guy Blundell Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Martin, 
Thanks for the email, 
At your weight you would require a medium spring tension to provide your body with enough support, 
From there you need to look at the upholstery. This is the comfort layers or the layers you actually lay on. So if you prefer your mattress firmer. Go for a firmer upholstery with a medium spring tension. You also have the choice of synthetic fibres, which is our Origin range. We also then have our Artisan range which contain mainly natural fibres. 
If you call through to the office on 0161 945 3757 I would be happy to assist. 
Kindest regards
Guy Blundell