Mattress Budget of around £600-700

Oli asked 25th September 2017


I’d like to buy a mattress in your origins range as that fits my budget. I’m 5’10, 12 at 4lbs and I sleep on my stomach and occasionally on my side. Which mattress would best fit my needs? Also are they suitable to be used on a slatted bed frame, or just flat divans only?


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Lee Staff answered 11 months ago

Hi Oli,
Thanks for the detail that’s really helpful for us to advise. The only bit you’ve missed out is the size, but I’ll take a guess you’re looking at a kingsize which is the most popular size.
For your weight and being a side sleeper we would recommend you look at our Origins 1500 mattress. This would give you a medium feel and is fully two-sided and turnable. Unlike some one sided mattresses on the market (Eve Simba etc). Meaning you get a much longer mattress life than a one-sided mattress.
This mattress can go on any type of base. We do advise that if it’s going on a slatted base you follow our guidance of having:

  • Slats no further than 2 inches apart
  • Boarding over the slats with some MDF or plywood.
  • Ensuring the slats are strong enough to support the weight of our mattresses which are heavier than most.

We also have a really detailed guide here. Please get back in touch on 0161 945 3757 if you have any further questions.