Mattress choice for warm sleeper with bunions

lesleyesmith asked 25th September 2017

Some advice please. I am 9st 2lb height 5’3″”. My husband 11st height 5′ 7″”.
I have lower back pain and stiff joints and bunions! I sleep on my side and often with my top foot over the edge of the bed because of my bunion!
We have a pillow top Hypnos medium support Pocket sprung mattress, but I often wake in the night with pain in shoulder and hips and lower back pain in the morning. We need to change the mattress as I find it too soft for my back but too hard for my joints! After having this mattress for three years I only find the unused middle part comfortable! I also am too hot on the night.
We have just purchased a slatted base and are thinking about buying a Tempur hybrid elite mattress. I find the other Tempur mattress too soft, I don’t like the sinking feeling and I struggle with turning over after sinking into the foam ( I often turn in the night).
My husband sleeps on his back and is very tolerant of most mattresses! He does feel that a mattress which we can fully turn over Side to side would be a good idea. Any advice please as we find the variety very confusing and it’s an expensive purchase. Thank you

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Lee Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Lesley,


Thanks for your question and sorry to hear you’re struggling so much with your Hypnos pillowtop mattress. We would always recommend steering clear of pillow top mattresses as once the fabric compresses there is nothing that can be done to salvage the mattress.


We would recommend if you’re a warm sleeper that you avoid a memory foam or Tempur foam mattress. By their very nature they require heat retention to work so this will be one of the warmest sleep materials you could choose! We have a detailed article on everything you would need to know about memory foam including why it gets so warm here. Also if you turn a lot at night a slow sink foam probably isn’t the best idea. Unless you’re looking at Latex which is incredibly responsive and less heat retentive than memory foam. Have a look at our Fusion 3, which is a 100% natural solid core latex mattress in a medium tension.


For your weights you’re both only just onto a medium gauge spring tension. So we wouldn’t recommend anything firmer than a medium. The choice is then really what feel you want in the comfort layers of upholstery, such as a soft sink (probably not after your complaint) or maybe a more medium feel in the top layer.


Please have a look at our Origins Pocket 1500 in a medium tension or our Artisan Naturals mattress also in a medium as a good place to start.


If you’re going to be using a slatted base then you will need to measure the gaps between the slats. If you find that they are bigger than 3″ then they will need to be boarded with standard sheets of MDF, plywood or pegboard. This is to protect the mattress from indentation and damage. The Fusion range will need to go straight on to a solid top base whereas the Origins and Artisan range of mattresses can go on to a slatted base if the gaps are less than 3″.



We hope that helps Lesley. Have a look at all of the above and then please get back in touch on 0161 437 4419 if you have any further questions.


Kind Regards, John and Ryan.