Mattress got rained on – what to do?

David asked
25th September 2017

I sleep under a skylight, which I left open last night to cool the room down, expecting it not to rain. It did rain, and after first collecting on the window the water streamed directly onto the end of my bed, soaking through the duvet and mattress protector to leave one patch of the mattress (an Artisan Luxury) feeling very damp.
Is this likely to do serious damage to the mattress (e.g. causing mould?) and do you recommend any particular techniques for drying it out?
Do you think this will work?

1 Answer
Lee Staff
answered 2 years ago

Hi David,

Oh no! What a nightmare, waking up in a wet bed! Firstly don’t panic you can hopefully salvage your mattress if you follow our simple advice given its only in one spot.

You want to avoid any direct heat sources which can damage and warp the upholstery in the mattress. Hairdryers are a no-no, they are just too hot and will shrink the fibres or scorch them.


We would recommend fully stripping the bed, moving it off the base and check that the base is dry underneath. If not dry that as best you can. Then put the heating on in the room with the mattress. Also if you have a fan putting this on in the room would be best to help wick away the moisture. Leave the door open to help aeration. Keep checking the spot as it dries.

If you leave it damp it will start to mould and the fibres may become warped and damaged.

We hope this helps. Please let us know.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact the office on 0161 437 4419