Mattress issues & back pain

Adnan asked
28th November 2016

Hi ,
I have a king size bed with slats and I had a superortho mattress for the last 6 years.
Over the last year had been experiencing back pain and ‘fatigued back ‘ sensation on awaking ( nothing medical ) I came to the conclusion that my mattress was worn as I had never turned it over hence I purchased another superortho mattress.
Unfortunately still getting the morning back pain and back fatigue , I’m beginning to thing it is the firmness of the mattress which is creating stress on the back. I base this on the fact that on holiday the bed I slept on was slightly softer and back was a lot better.
Can you please recommend an appropriate mattress.
My wife and I presently sleep on the bed. My weight is around 84kg and height 1.80cm, wife weight 57kg and approx 5ft,2.
As I’m not willing to spend anymore money until I know the mattress is right for me is there any catches to your mattress trial?

1 Answer
Lee Staff
answered 2 years ago

Hi Adnan,
Sorry to hear you’re struggling with an orthopaedic mattress.
Given your weight, we would never recommend an orthopaedic mattress. They are punishingly firm and your aches and pains sound like a direct result of sleeping on a mattress that is too firm for you. This means your body and back are having to conform to the mattress and it should be the other way around, the mattress conforming to you! We have a detailed article on this issue here which may be of interest.
At your weights, we would recommend a medium spring tension for you and a soft spring tension for your partner. All of our Artisan range features split tensions or zip and links which can be made to your specifications.
It’s hard to fully advise as we would need to know your budget. Have a look at our Best Sellers below as a place to start. These could be suitable for you both dependant on budget and mattress material preference.
As for the Love it or Return it Guarantee which we are famous for, there are no catches. If the bed is not suitable after trying it for a couple of weeks you can either send it back for a full refund. We come and collect it at no cost to you. The alternative is you can exchange it for another model or spring tension if it is nearly there but not quite. Again at no cost, unless you choose a more expensive model where you would need to pay the difference. No catches or gotchas or small print.
The Artisan Naturals, Origins 1500 and the Fusion 3 would be a good place to start looking. Focusing in on a medium and not firm feel would be our recommendation.We would advise you also review our guide on boarding over slats as our mattress would require you to do this as slatted bases can damage a mattress if the slats are too far apart.
Please get back in touch when you have had a look for some more advice on 0161 437 4419.