What mattress protector is recommended for the Artisan Naturals?

Yuval asked
3rd January 2016

First, thank you so much for the effort of putting together this incredible site, full of educational information. Like most of your visitors, I imagine, I stumbled upon the site with very little knowledge about mattresses and how to shop for one, after spending a good few hours I felt much more confident and knowledgeable to go into stores and engage with their sales people. Eventually I chose to buy your Artisan Naturals (king size, medium tension) based on my requirements and budget. I received the mattress a few days ago and so far both myself and my wife are delighted with it.
One key message that I took away from your website was the importance of placing a mattress protector on top of the mattress – but I am not sure what kind to purchase. I think a memory foam one would actually have a harder feel to it than the upper layer of the mattress so I would like to get your advice about types / characteristics that would be important to look for.
Many thanks in advance

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Lee Staff
answered 6 years ago

Hi Yuval,

Many thanks for your kind words.  We’re thrilled that our site has been of such use to you in finding a new mattress!  It certainly can be a very confusing world out there.


Artisan Naturals

In terms of mattress protectors we advise that any microfibre protector bought at any high street home shops will be suitable.  They can be picked up very cheaply from most home shops.  The whole aim of the protector is to take the brunt of any wear and tear.  It’s sometimes advisable to buy one knowing in a year or so you’re going to replace it or wash it if it can be cleaned.  It helps protect the mattress against sweat, spillages and any other mishaps!  This should go on the very top of the mattress/topper combination.

As for a mattress topper its purpose is very different. A topper will only ever soften the top of a mattress.  So unless you want to increase the top comfort layer making it softer then there really is no need for a topper.  There is an argument that a topper can protect and extend the life of a mattress, but given you have the Artisan Natural and turn it regularly as we advise, you don’t need a topper.  However if you want to increase the top comfort layer then we recommend like for like in the materials, for example, a latex topper for latex mattresses like our Fusion range and natural fibers such as wool for our Artisan range.  Please keep in mind that this will make your already luxury deep mattress even deeper mind!

If you have any other queries please give us a call on 0161 437 4419.  Our office hours are 8 am – 8 pm Monday to Friday and 10 am 4 pm Saturday and Sunday.


Kind Regards