Mattress recommendation for late 20s couple

Laura Senior asked 9th October 2017

My partner and I are after a new mattress and base.

I’m 5’3″ and 9.5 stone and my partner is 5’10” and 11 Stone. We’re both in our late 20s.

We currently have quite an old mattress with a memory foam topper and have grown used to the softer, sinking feel of the memory foam.

My partner can be quite a restless sleeper so something with little movement transfer would be great. He moves most when lying on his back so i’m often pushing him onto his side. We also would like something less hot then what we currently have.

We’ve visited quite a few dealerships and liked the Sensaform memory active 9000 from Benson for Beds for its deep sinking, comfy top however we are sceptical of their customer service.

Could you recommend a mattress for us?

Thank you in advance,


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Lee Lelant Staff answered 1 year ago

Good Morning Laura,

Thank you for your question.

The general consensus is indeed that memory foam is too hot; It relies on heat retention in order to mould to your body.

Given everything that you mention I would say you need to be looking at our Artisan range; This is a range of traditional pocket sprung mattresses constructed from a differing amount of natural fibres and materials. These materials mean that they provide a cool sleeping surface.

Artisan Naturals mattress

At the weights provided we would match you both with a Medium spring tension; This is determined solely by body weight and needs to be correct as it’s what provides you with support.

As you mention that you like that soft sink in sensation I’d say our Artisan Luxury or Artisan Bespoke 004 would be the models to look at. The Luxury is our softest model in that top layer whereas the Bespoke 004 comes in feeling slightly firmer.

We do have our Hybrid Foam range, which gives a similar sensation to Memory Foam but is far less heat retentive.

The Hybrid range compares with the Tempur range.
The Artisan range compares with the Vi-Spring range.

Both the Tempur and Vi-Spring range can be found in any Furniture Village, Harrods, House of Fraser or And So To Bed Store. My best advice would be to try these if you can get to one of those stores and come back to me with your findings on 0161 437 4419 so we can discuss it further.

Kind Regards, Lee.