Mattress required for caravan

Dee Jones asked
8th May 2010

hi i am looking for a 2ft 6 x6ft x 8″ deep mattress( hardboard base) for adult to use in a caravan any ideas what to look for.


1 Answer
Lee Staff
answered 12 years ago

Hi Dee,


Thanks for your question.


A depth of 8″ is low for a decent quality mattress with a sprung interior. 10″ plus would usually be the standard.


Our Origins range has a depth of between 12 and 13″ and our Artisan range has a depth of between 11 and 12″.


As such you might be better looking at something like foam or latex that can be cut down as those measurements are non-standard. Please note that with non-standard UK sizes you will usually pay an additional premium to have them made to specific measurements and usually there will be no standard returns guarantee with them.



I hope this helps but if you have any further queries please don’t hesitate to contact our office on 0161 437 4419.


Kind Regards, Lee.