Which mattress is right for me?

Good Morning asked

16th March 2018

I’m thinking about the Artisan Naturals. My husband is 6ft 5 , 14.5 stone and prefers a firm mattress. I am 5ft 2 , 11 stone and like a softer mattress. We have suffered from roll together which gives me a bad back so I’m thinking of a zip and link. Then we can have different tensions if I go for the Artisan. I thinking soft for me and medium for hubby?
Please can you advise?

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Lee Lelant
answered 1 year ago

Good Morning,

Thanks for your question. For those just starting their mattress journey, we have a Mattress Finder button on the right of this screen to help!

Our Artisan Naturals is very much a true medium model in the top upholstery. This allows a slight sink in that top layer but not too much. It also has the benefit of being constructed with 85% natural fillings providing a cool sleep surface.

At your body weights, we would match you both with a Medium spring tension. We wouldn’t put anyone on a Firm spring until they hit about 17st and at 9st upwards we find that people tend to prefer a Medium spring as it’s a great all-rounder.

If your husband prefers a firm mattress this tends to relate to the top upholstery. If he opts for a Firm spring at his body weight then he will do nothing to compress the springs and will get all the support from the top layer, which isn’t what they are designed to do.

It is worth noting that your sleeping habits and patterns can dictate the feel you need to go for in a mattress. Anyone who is a front sleeper needs to avoid anything too soft in the top layers as this can lead to unnecessary curvature of your spine leading to aches and pains. Side sleepers need to avoid anything too firm in the top layers as this can cause pressure point pains in places like your shoulders, hips and knees. This is why more often than not people prefer something more medium feeling as it doesn’t alienate anybody one way or the other.

Zip and Link mattresses are ideal for users of a really big weight difference, where access to the property is restricted and a one-piece mattress won’t fit or where one user tends to disturb the other. Zip and Link mattresses are 2 completely separate entities meaning that you can’t transfer movement between the springs of each mattress. This is great to eliminate that disturbance from one person to the other.

I hope this has answered your question fully but if you do have any further queries please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0161 437 4419.

Kind Regards, Lee.