Mattress/Divan/Topper combination to suit us

Geoff Alder asked 6th September 2017


I am 5’10” and 13 stone, my wife is 5’0″ and 8 stone. We currently have a memory foam bed on slats which I find too hot to sleep comfortably and the bed is a bit old now. We both like a firm mattress. I have my eye on the Artisan Bespoke Zip and Link Medium/Soft with bonnet coil artisan base. Is this going to feel firm for us? Should we also consider a topper? I am concerned that it would make the bed too hot again if we have one.

Kind regards

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Guy Blundell Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Mr Adler

Thanks so much for taking the time to ask us a question,

I can see you have done your research!

At your body weights and heights, and judging by your preference for a firmer mattress. The Artisan Bespoke in a soft/medium spring tension would be the feel you are looking for. With the dual spring tension this will allow your wife’s smaller body weight to compress the soft spring for the right amount of support. This is the same case for you with a medium spring tension.

BodyweightSpring tension
Upto 9 Stone / 57kgSoft
9-16 Stone / 57-101kgMedium
16 Stone / 101kg UpwardsFirm

I don’t believe you would need a mattress topper as you are looking for a firmer feel in the upper layers. A topper is essentially used to soften the feel of a mattress and therefore I don’t believe it would serve the purpose you are looking for.

With regards to your slatted base, how big are the slats ? As anything over 3 inches could compromise the feel and comfort of the mattress. This would lead to an uneven support. If the gap in between the slats is over 3 inches. I would advise that you place some MDF/ply over this to give a solid platform for the mattress to sit on.

I hope this helps, and if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to call our office on 0161 947 3757

Kindest Regards