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Mrs Nina Morrisen asked 28th August 2017

Hi. Husband 5ft 11. 12.9 stone with bad knee and back (biker) I am 5ft 8. Around 10st 7. But usually 9st 12😁. I have a slight curvature of my spine and sleep on my side always otherwise it hurts my spine. However I turn a lot too. We both hate foam as find them to hot. We often sleep in the middle together, but separate when husband gets too warm. Current old mattress on floor as had an iron slatted bed frame that broke. Love mattress on floor so presumably mattress now too soft! It sinks in the middle so must be replaced and require a bed frame.

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Lee Lelant Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Nina,

Thank you for your question.

At the body weights provided, we would match you both to a medium spring on a traditional pocket sprung mattress.

The spring is what provides the support from inside the mattress itself.

Anyone who is a side sleeper or has existing pains shouldn’t be opting for a mattress that is too firm in its top upholstery layers as this will simply exacerbate those pains or cause them if they don’t already exist.

Given that you mention heat as an issue during sleep, I would guide you to our Artisan range.

This range is constructed from a differing percentage of natural fibres and materials and as such come in feeling softer overall as well as cooler.

As such I would guide you to our Artisan Naturals model; This is the true medium feeling model in the top layers; not too soft nor too firm.


This mattress can go on to any of our bases. Please see the article here for a full explanation on bed bases.

I hope this has answered your queries fully but if you do need anything else clarifying please don’t hesitate to contact me on 0161 437 4419.

Kind Regards, Lee.