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Phil Angstmann asked
11th September 2017

Hi I wonder if you can advise which matress from your range you would recommend. We currently have a double King Koil Health support 4000 matress, I believe it was was made in Ireland by Kaymed. It’s a firm matress and we both prefer this but my wife has decided it’s time for a bigger bed ( maybe super King!) . The matress is still ok but the we have had the slatted pine base 20 years so this needs changing as well.
I’m 5″11 and about 15 stone and my wife is 5″8 and 12 stone and still like a firm feel. what matress would you recommend and is it better with a slatted base or divan?

1 Answer
answered 2 years ago

Hi Phil,

Thank you for your question.

We have four ranges of mattresses and in each range they all have a firm mattress.

In the origins Range, the firmest mattress that we make is the Origins Pocket 2000, in the Artisan Range the firmest mattress is the Artisan Bespoke, in the Hybrid range (those are the mattresses that are made of foam) the firmest mattress is the Hybrid 5 and in the Fusion range (those mattresses are made of 100% natural latex) the firmest mattress is the Fusion 6.

The Origins and the Artisan mattresses can go onto any bases although if the Artisan mattress goes onto a slatted/solid base, this will firm the mattress up again.   The Hybrid mattresses can go onto a slatted base and the Fusion mattresses must go onto a solid base otherwise the Latex will form between the gap in the slats.

We would ask that you telephone our office to have a chat with regard to the different ranges in order to give you the appropriate advice.   Please telephone 0161 437 4419.

Kind regards Julie