New mattress firmness & mattress in a box

Andrew asked
5th September 2016

We have a Hypnos Classic with Wool classic-oban-with-wool-mattress which we bought looking for a more ‘premium’ mattress but have found it to be very firm and I think the cause of not insignificant back pain – my hips get pushed up as my body sinks in. If i try to sleep on my front it causes very definite back pain. It’s somewhat eased by a very thick topper. We’re both side sleepers – I’m 6’2” 100kg and my wife is 5’6” 60kg.
We are looking at replacing it with either a mattress in a box (sleeping duck) or are considering one of yours – either Origins Pocket Latex or Artisan Naturals or Tailored Pocket 2000.
What do you advise regarding firmness etc based on our circumstances? Would the pocket latex be too firm? It looks like we would opt for a medium, seems like it would suit us both. I usually like a ‘firmer feel’ but this has been undermined by our current mattress! We are concerned about ending up with another premium mattress that doesn’t suit – hence why the mattress in a box companies look attractive.

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Lee Staff
answered 3 years ago

Hi Andrew,


Thanks for your question.


I can appreciate your dilemma, once bitten twice shy.


That Hypnos mattress is a firm tension and at your weights no wonder it is painful. If a mattress is too firm or has too much support its completely counter intuitive to the way a mattress should work, conforming to you, whether too firm a mattress and your poor back and shoulder must conform to it!


Mattresses in a box, in our opinion, are not high end or quality I’m afraid so I’m going to discount that one straight away, but will point you to this comment on why I’ve so quickly shrugged it off.


Based on your weights I’d say the Origins Pocket Latex would still be a firm ride so wouldn’t recommend it. Side sleepers need to avoid anything too firm in the top layers so as to avoid those pressure point pains in hips, shoulders and knees for instance.


At your body weights you would both be matched with a Medium spring tension;


BodyweightSpring tension
Upto 8 Stone / 50kgSoft
8-16 Stone / 50-101kgMedium
16 Stone / 101kg UpwardsFirm


You’re two remaining options are the Tailored Pocket 2000 and Artisan Naturals. The Naturals is a true medium feel whereas the Tailored pocket is getting into slightly firmer territory! The tailored pocket is slightly firmer than the Naturals as it has a dual layer of springs that are more manufactured than the Calico springs in the Naturals.


Both the Artisan Tailored Pocket 2000 and Naturals have that medium upholstery giving that slight sink but not too much so you should instantly feel a benefit from either.


I hope this has answered your questions fully but if you do have any further queries please don’t hesitate to contact our office on 0161 437 4419.


Kind Regards, Lee.