New mattress for tall couple

mark_cashion asked 12th October 2017


I am 6ft 7 and approx 100 kgs and my wife is 5ft 11 and we are struggling to find a new mattress to suit. We have tried both an Eve and Leesa memory foam in recent months and found both to be too firm and not that comfortable. We spent a week at a disney moderate (mid range) resort and slept really well – but that could be exhaustion!

We would like your thoughts on what could suit. It doesn’t have to be a memory foam nor does it have to be too budget (but not too expensive).

Finally – do you ship to Jersey?

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Lee Lelant Staff answered 1 year ago

Good Morning mark_cashion,

Thank you for your questions.

For a traditional pocket sprung mattress you would quite comfortably be matched to a Medium spring. You are approaching the top end of that spring. However, your height does factor into this meaning that because you are tall a Medium would be fine for you.

We would need to know your wife’s body weight to match her with the correct spring.

Memory foam relies on heat retention in order to adapt to body movements. We do have a similar range, which is our Hybrid range. This is a foam mattress but is far less heat retentive.

Our Fusion range (Latex) gives a similar sink in sensation to Memory Foam but is a firmer material so we’d always advocate trying it first where possible.

Our pocket sprung ranges (Origins and Artisan) provide springs for support with differing comfort layers. Comfort is very personal and subjective so we’d need to know what you prefer that top layer to feel like (A soft sink in sensation, medium feel or firm feel)

Please don’t hesitate to contact me on 0161 437 4419 to discuss this further.

Kind Regards, Lee.