Origins pocket reflex v hybrid 4/5

Sarah Starr asked 19th September 2017

Sorry this will be long.

We currently have a silent night latex pillow topped miracoil king size bed, it is awful. It’s last 7 years but I’ll. ever buy a pillow top again!

My husband is 10 stone 11 and aiming to put on weight to 12 stone and I weigh 18 stone but have lost 5 stone this year and will continue to lose weight at this pace until I reach 10 stone.

I’m a front sleeper and my husband is a side/back sleeper. I like quite a firmish sleep? Husband likes medium. Both of us tried the tempur mattresses in the showrooms but it was too soft?

Basically any bed will be better than the one we currently have! Do you have any equivalent beds we could try in stores? I definitely want to buy the end product from yourself but I don’t really know what type of bed to go for!

Please advise!

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Lee Lelant Staff answered 1 year ago

Good Morning Sarah,


Thank you for your questions.


I’m sorry to hear of the issues you’ve had so far. We always advise steering completely clear of a pillowtop mattress as they are not only a one sided mattress but you’re also left with an uncomfortable piece of fabric on top once it settles and you can’t do anything with it.


Given that you have tried the Tempur range and not got on with them as you found them too soft, you will have the same issue with our Hybrid range as they won’t be any firmer.


Given that you also disclose the weight loss and looking at the body weights provided I would recommend our Origins Pocket 1500 mattress on a medium spring.



The spring provides the support inside the mattress itself. On a medium spring right now it will feel medium for your husband. For yourself right now it will feel slightly softer. However, given that you are looking at reaching 10 stone it will feel firmer once you do hit this weight.


One of you being a side sleeper; We would always advise to steer clear of anything too firm in the top layers as it will simply cause pressure point pains.


The Origins Pocket 1500 is a traditional pocket sprung mattress and is very medium feeling in it’s top layers (also known as the comfort layers that you sleep on top of on top of the springs).


I hope that this has answered your questions fully but if you do have any further queries then please don’t hesitate to contact our office on 0161 437 4419.


Kind Regards, Lee.